The General characteristics of a centrifugal pump

(1) the water along the flow direction is along the impeller of a centrifugal pump of axial suction, perpendicular to the axial flow, namely access to the flow direction 90 degrees to each other.

(2) due to the centrifugal impeller inlet vacuum suction, so before you start to pump and suction pipe pouring water, gas or vacuum pump, air vacuum and pump casing and the suction pipe must be tightly closed, not leak, otherwise do not form a vacuum, there is no water absorption.

(3) due to the impeller inlet cannot form an absolute vacuum, pump suction height must not exceed 10 metres, plus water losses along from the suction pipe, actually allows the installation height (from inhalation of water the pump axis height) of less than 10 feet away. As the installation is too high, it does not absorb water; in addition, due to the low atmospheric pressure in the mountains than plain, so the same water pump in the mountains, especially in the high mountains during installation, the installation height should be reduced, otherwise it cannot absorb water.