The structure of slurry pump

Product Structure of Slurry Pump

The main components of horizontal centrifugal slurry pump includes wet ends, shaft and driven engines etc.

The wet ends includes impeller, throat bush, frame plate liner, cover plate liner and frame plate liner insert. The auxiliary suspenders simply remove the pump shell, and are convenient for maintenance.

The range of the wet ends are availiable in A05( high chrome),rubber or urethane to suit the requirements of specific requirements of applications and slurry types.

The centrifugal slurry pump has three shaft seals for different applications:

  • Mechanical seal

  • Gland packing

  • Expeller

An external impeller adjustment bolt is located under the bearing assembly and is easliy accessible. This allows for changes to be made to the impeller clearance to maximise efficiency and service life without removing the front cover plate or disconnecting pipework or the bearing asscembly. The system allows quik and simple adjustments to be made to compensate for wear and changes in operating conditions and suty points.