A Good Way To Select Corrosion-resistant And Wear-resistant Centrifugal Pump

There are many ways to select a suitable anti-corrosive chemical centrifugal pump?DO you know it?Let us see together!

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In the engineering projects of chemical industry, smelting, non mineral processing and other industries, a large number of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant pumps will be selected. In the process of centrifugal pump selection, there are several trends:

One is for the convenience of management, and try to unify the centrifugal pump pumps in the same type and specification. The advantage of this method is that the spare pump scheduling performance is good, spare parts coordination, good compatibility, can effectively reduce spare parts, spare parts inventory, save working capital. However, the disadvantages of this method are: first, the consistency between the technical performance index of the centrifugal pump pump and the actual performance index of the working post is not good, and there is often a phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car" wasting energy; or the performance index of the pump cannot meet the needs of the production process, which affects the actual production efficiency.

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Another kind of centrifugal pump selection is to adapt to the actual technical performance index requirements of different posts, resulting in the selection of anti-corrosion pump or anti-wear  centrifugal pump, the specification and model are too detailed, resulting in many specifications and varieties, especially some units have to choose  centrifugal pumps with the same function of different models and specifications from multiple manufacturers, so that the actual use of anti-corrosion  centrifugal pump varieties are miscellaneous, many and disorderly. The consequence is that there are many kinds of spare parts in stock, large stock, poor overall deployment performance of spare parts, difficult equipment management, high cost of equipment management, high cost of spare parts consumption, some of which will also affect the normal operation of production. The advantage of this method is that the technical performance index of the centrifugal pump matches the actual position well.

Based on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the above two centrifugal pump selection trends, two suggestions are put forward for users to select  centrifugal pumps:

First, the centrifugal pump selection does not advocate excessive overall planning and unification, nor excessive differentiation and accuracy. To find a balance between application, convenient management and cost saving;

Second, it is suggested that the user should not select multiple centrifugal pumps from multiple manufacturers at a low price to save the one-time purchase cost, so as to make the actual centrifugal pump varieties more and more complex, and thus more difficult to manage, resulting in higher operating costs in the later period. On the surface, the initial purchase cost has decreased, but in the long run, the operation cost in the later stage has increased substantially, which is actually a loss for gain thing.

Dear friends,have you got it?

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