Aluminum Housing Submersible Pump for Clean Water

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: QDX1.5-16-0.37 1.5-25-0.55 1.5-32-0.75

  • Max.Capacity: <50 L/min

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Assembly: Water Pump

  • Start Up: Electric Pump

  • Application: Submersible Pump

  • Media: Submersible Pump

  • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

  • Wire: Copper,Aluminum

  • Pump Body: Cast Iron

  • Specification: 0.405*0.195*0.175

  • HS Code: 8413709190

  • Max.Head: 10-30m

  • Driving Type: Motor

  • Structure: Single-stage Pump

  • Power: Electric

  • Type: Submersible Pump

  • Industry: Water Pump

  • Performance: Automatic Pump

  • Impeller: Aluminum

  • Pump Housing: Aluminum

  • Trademark: MODO

  • Origin: China

Product Description

QDX pumps are half open impeller centrifugal submersible pumps,designed for automatic and non-automatic use.The impeller mounted on the end of the drive shaft,consists of a rear disk and blades,which are enclosed by the pump body cover.Fluid enter the ratating blade channel via the suction strainer,which forms the support base for the pump.Here the fluid moves radially from the centre outwards.Acquiring energy both in the form of pressure and increased speed.When it leaves the impeller the fluid is conveyed towards to volute.
Here part of the kinetic energy is transformed into pressure energy and the fluid leaves the pump via the side opening machined in the pump body.

Suitable for Clean watering, oxygenating of cluster box or in supplying and draining water for ordinary places and characterized by corrosion resistance,small volume, light weight and convenient operation.It is fitted with multiple.
Pump body: Cast-iron
Motor housing: Aluminum
Impeller: Aluminum
Motor wire: Copper
Shaft: 45# steel

Closed,externally ventilated
Insulation Class B
Protection IP68
Continuous duty
Max.medium temperature:+40 oC
Max.ambient  temperature:+40 oC
Medium free from granules or anything
that may damage the pump.
Voltage fluctuation range:0.9-1.1times
of the rated value

WARRANTY: 1 YEAR (according to our general sales conditions)


Main Technical Parameter

Item NoVoltageFrequencyPowerHPFlow rateHeadSpeedOutletFloat Switch
QDX1.5-12-0.25220V50Hz0.250.341.51228601"can add
QDX1.5-16-0.37220V50Hz0.370.51.51628601"can add
QDX5-10-0.37220V50Hz0.370.551028601.5"can add
QDX1.5-25-0.55220V50Hz0.550.751.52528601"can add
QDX10-10-0.55220V/380V50Hz0.550.75101028602"can add
QDX6-15-0.55220V/380V50Hz0.550.7561528601.5"can add
QDX15-7-0.55220V/380V50Hz0.75115728602"can add
QDX1.5-32-0.75220V/380V50Hz0.7511.53228601"can add
QDX8-18-0.75220V/380V50Hz0.75181828601.5"can add
QDX10-15-0.75220V/380V50Hz0.751101528602"can add
QDX15-10-0.75220V/380V50Hz0.751151028602.5"can add
QDX30-6-0.75220V/380V50Hz0.75130628603"can add
QDX3-38-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.533828601"can add
QDX6-25-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.562528601.5"can add
QDX10-20-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.5102028602"can add
QDX15-15-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.5151528602.5"can add
QDX30-9-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.530928603"can add
QDX40-6-1.1220V/380V50Hz1.11.540628603"can add
QDX10-25-1.5220V/380V50Hz1.52102528602"can add
QDX15-20-1.5220V/380V50Hz1.52152028602.5"can add
QDX40-9-1.5220V/380V50Hz1.5240928603"can add
QDX6-36-1.8220V/380V50Hz1.82.563628601.5"can add
QDX10-30-1.8220V/380V50Hz1.82.5103028602"can add
QDX25-16-1.8220V/380V50Hz1.82.5251028603"can add