Boiler Feed Pump For Waste Incinerator System

Boiler feed pump for hazardous waste incinerator system

In the process of heating and liquefying hazardous waste materials into the waste liquid incinerator, boiler feed pump is required to deliver boiler water. The old horizontal multistage boiler feed pump on the project is prone to failure, and the equipment is aging, so it needs to be rebuilt. 

After receiving the technical requirements of the project, the technical director of Modo pump industry recommended the DG horizontal multistage  boiler feed pump, and put forward the solution for fluid transmission. After many negotiations and on-site inspection, the project director purchased two sets of DG12-50 × 8 high-pressure multi-stage centrifugal boiler feed pump and two sets of DG12-25 × 6 low-pressure boiler multi-stage feed pump, all equipped with  explosion-proof motors. 


 The technical parameters of the pump are as follows:


A,  DG12-50 × 8 horizontal high-pressure multistage centrifugal boiler is 15m3/h, the lift is 350m, the stage is eight, NPSHr is less than 2.7m, and the motor power is 45KW; 


B, DG12-25 × 6 horizontal low-pressure boiler multi-stage feed pump flow 10.5m ³ / h, head 140m, stage 6, (NPSH) r < 2.5m, motor power 15kw.     


The boiler feed pump transferred liquid is boiler water, temperature of 140 . Both of the 2 motors are  2950rpm speed, 380V voltage, insulation class F and protection class of IP55.


Pump body material: cast iron HT250, impeller and diffusers: cast iron HT250, shaft and shaft sleeve: 45, shaft seal: mechanical seal,  pump inlet and outlet are vertical type. 


During the guarantee period of the equipment, the 2 boiler feed water pumps operates under the condition that the NPSH and design parameters are met, and the impeller is guaranteed not to produce cavitation. The wet end parts material of the boiler feed water pump and feed water shall meet the requirements of cavitation and corrosion resistance.