Centrifual Multistage Water Pump

Basic Information
  • Model NO.: Boiler feed water Pump

  • Structure: Multistage Pump

  • Type: Blade Pump

  • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

  • Head;: Head:70-700m;

  • Speed: 2950rpm,1450rpm,980rpm,740rpm,590rpm

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Power: Electric

  • Application: Clarified Water Pump, Sewage Pump, Oil Transfer Pump

  • Capacity: Capacity:3-650m3/H

  • Motor: 380V,415V,660V;IP54,IP55;50Hz,60Hz;

  • Trademark: EAST

Product Description

Structure features:

D, DG multistage pump inlet and outlet are vertical, by tightening bolts will pump water period, the middle, water, pump shell parts such as bearing body connected into a whole.Choose according to pump lift pump series.This series of pump rotor parts is mainly composed of shaft and installed on the shaft of the impeller, shaft sleeve, the balance disc parts, such as the quantity according to the series of the pump impeller.Shaft parts with the flat key and shaft nut fastening and shaft etc.The rotor consists of rolling bearings on both ends or sliding bearing.Bearing according to the different models, are not under axial force, and the axial force by the balancing disc.Allows the rotor in the operation of the pump in the pump shell axial float, cannot adopt the centripetal ball bearings.Rolling bearings with grease lubrication, sliding bearing with thin oil lubrication, lubrication and oil ring is white, the circulating water cooling.


Multistage Pump inlet section, middle/water sealing surface adopt molybdenum disulfide grease seal, between rotor part and fixed part is equipped with seal, guide vane, etc, when the seal ring and the degree of wear of guide vane set had influence on the performance of the pump work shall be replaced.Seal of the form has two kinds of mechanical seals and packing seal. Multistage Pump using packing seal, the location of the packing ring placed to the right, the tightness of packing must be appropriate, with liquid can drip seeps advisable.Loading pump seal element in a sealed box, access to certain pressure in the water, the water seal, water or water lubrication.In the shaft seal is equipped with replaceable shaft sleeve, the protection of pump shaft.