Diameter Split Case Pump with Engine 150mm~1200mm (SA)


Basic Info.


Model NO.:SA


Impeller Number:Single-Stage Pump


Working Pressure:Middle Pressure Pump


Influent Type of Impeller:Double-Suction Pump


Position of Pump Shaft:Horizontal Pump


Pump Casing Combined:Horizontal Split Pumps




Capacity:160~18000 M3 /H




Medium Temperature:0c~+80 C






Product Description

    Performance Range:
Capacity: 160~18000 m3 /h
Head: 12~130m
Medium temperature: 0C~+80 C

1. Pumping clean water or liquids similar to water in physical and chemical properties.
2. Water supply and drainage in factory, mine, city, power station, farmland, irrigation and other water conservancy projects.

Construction feature:
1. The inlet and outlet of type S pump are below the axis of the pump and are horizontal to the vertical axis. With split-casing, it is unnecessary to dismantle the inlet and outlet pipes and motor (or other driver) during overhaul. The rotating direction is clockwise viewed from the motor to the pump. It also can be modified to counter-clockwise direction according to users'requirement. Please give indication in the contract.
The main parts of pump are pump casing, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double seal ring, sleeve and bearing, etc.

2. The impeller is stationary balanced and tightened by axial sleeve and nuts by both sides. Its axial position can be adjusted by sleeve nut. Axial thrust of impeller is balanced by the symmetric setting of vanes. Remaining axial thrust is borne by the bearing.

3. The pump shaft is supported by two lines of centripetal ball bearings or four centripetal ball bearing. The bearings are mounted inside of bearing base. And lubricated by grease or diluted oil.

4. The pump is driven directly by motor (or other driver) through flexible pin coupling.

5. Seal: Soft packing seal. In order to prevent air entering pump chamber and lubricate and cool seal chamber, stuffing ring is fitted inside the stuffing. During pump operation, little high pressure water flow into stuffing chamber through trapezoid groove on pump cover or external sealing pipe. Mechanical seal can also be adopted according to user, requirement.