Double Casing Centrifugal Cantilevered Horizontal Mud and Slush Pump

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: mud and slush pump

  • Power Type: Diesel

  • Slot Type: CTN

  • Condition: New

  • Mud and Slush Pump Driver: Diesel Engine or Electrical Motor

  • Feature: Abrasion Resistant Gravel Pump

  • Transport Package: Fumigated Wooden Case

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Cutter Suction Dredger

  • Cyclone Type: Hydrocyclone

  • Customized: Customized

  • Mud and Slush Pump Condition: New

  • Connect: Belt or Coupling

  • Trademark: MODO Pump

  • Specification: Class One

  • HS Code: 8413Product Description

Double casing centrifugal cantilevered horizontal mud and slush pump  

General for mud and slush pump 
AMG/AMGH Abrasion resisting diesel or electrical motor slurry gravel sand suction mud and slush pump is designed for continuously handling the most difficult higher abrasive slurries which contain too big solids to be pumped by a common pump. They are suitable for delivering slurry
in mining, explosive sludge in metal melting, grudging in dredger and course of river, and other fields. Type AMGH Abrasion resisting diesel or electrical motor slurry gravel sand suction pump are of high head ones AMG/AMGH Large heavy duty centrifugal horizontal mining diesel engine sand pump 
Construction of Large heavy duty centrifugal horizontal mining diesel engine sand pump is of single casing connected by means of clamp bands and wide wet passage.
The wet parts are made of Ni hard and high chromium abrasion resistance alloys.
The discharge direction of dredge pump can be oriented in any direction of 360 degrees.
This type of pump possesses the advantages of easy installation and operation, good performance of NPSH and abrasion resistance.
Drive types for Abrasion resisting diesel or electrical motor slurry gravel sand suction mud and slush pump includes:
V-belts driven, flexible coupling driven, gear box driven, hydraulic coupler driven, variable frequency driven, thyristor speed control etc. 
Structural Features of Abrasion resisting diesel or electrical motor slurry gravel sand suction pump 
     - Single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal dredge pump
     - Wet parts such as casing, impeller, liner plate in anti-abrasion high chrome cast iron alloy.
     - Horizontal-central-split container bracket easy for maintaining 
     - Packing or mechanical seal
     - Protective shell surrounding the casing ideal for heavy duty
     - Hydraulic optimization design, high-efficient, energy-saving and stable operation

Application of mud and slush pump 
Heavy duty Mining Process     Coal Preparation Plant
Cyclone Feeds                        Mineral Processing
Tailings                                    Mill Grinding
Slurry Feeding System            Heavy Refuse Removal
Pulp And Paper                       Dredging
Abrasive Slurry                        High Density Slurries
Ash Handling                           Industrial Processing


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Eight tips for maintenance Large heavy duty centrifugal horizontal mining mud and slush pump 
1. When operated dredge pump, the bearing temperature can not more 35 oC than ambient. The max can not exceed 80 oC.
2. If abnormal noise happened shall stop the dredge pump right now and check where is wrong.
3. Before stop the pump, stop the gate valve, pressure gauge first and then the motor.
4. For the fist month work, the pump shall change the lubricating oil for the first 100hours, and then change one time per 500hours.
5. Adjust the packing gland frequently to make sure the leakage as the standard.
6. Check the shaft sleeve regularly, if be abrasive badly shall change timely.
7. During the cold winter before stop, should disassembly the discharge plug screw under the pump casing, and discharge the liquid in the casing to avoid frost crack.
8. It stop the dredge pump long term, shall disassembly the pump completely, make the parts dry, and then smear oil on the rotor parts and connect location. The last assembly well.