Features Of Clean Water Pump

Clean water pump is a new type of pump for conveying clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties, similar to clean water. It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, garden sprinkler, fire-fighting pressurization, long-distance transmission, high-rise building pressurization, HVAC refrigeration cycle, farmland irrigation, bathroom and other cold and warm water cycle pressurization and equipment matching. Let's learn about this kind of clean water pump.

centrifugal water pump

Performance features:

1. Economical and practical: energy saving design and reasonable price can help you improve your life quality.

2. Excellent performance: clean water pump high efficiency and low noise with powerful motor device and reasonable body design. Special treatment is adopted for waterway parts, which not only is not easy to rust, but also has good wear resistance.

3. Simple setting and assembly, easy to use: new process design is adopted, which makes assembly easy and maintenance convenient.

Type classification:

Clean water pump: discrete clean water pump, horizontal clean water pump, single-stage clean water pump, multi-stage clean water pump, centrifugal clean water pump, self-priming clean water pump. The structure of clean water pump mainly consists of pump body, motor, seal, impeller, etc.

1. Water filling type clean water pump: the water source is good, the mobility is large, and the pipeline is relatively unstable. The actual lift is within 32 meters within 2.5 meters of the suction head. The flow of the pump can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs. It is suitable for the specialized fruit growers to spray pesticides and irrigate water, with high working efficiency. The suction pipe shall be well sealed.

2. Submersible clean water pump: the water source is sufficient and the head is low, and the valve is suitable for irrigation with large amount of water in farmland and orchard. As the whole submersible pump is put into the water to work and push the water up axially, reducing the water output will increase the pump load. Therefore, do not install a valve in the outlet pipe of the submersible pump to prevent the motor from burning due to the excessive resistance of the pump when the valve is closed.

3. Self priming clean water pump: good water source quality, relatively fixed working position, stable pipeline with suction head less than 3.5m,

It can reduce the trouble of filling water when it is used for water supply of water wells and orchard irrigation. The actual lift is below 22 meters, and the working efficiency is slightly poor for chemical pumps. When put into operation for the first time, the circulating drainage water shall be added first, and then the water pump can complete self-priming.

centrifugal pump

Main purpose:

1. Suitable for small flow, high lift, small power occasions.

2. It is suitable for garden irrigation, water supply for hotels, villas and high-rise buildings, irrigation of farmland, and drainage of water from factories, mines and ships.

Service conditions:

1. Transmission medium: clear water

2. The suction head is not more than 9 meters.

3. Medium temperature not higher than 80 ℃

horizontal centrifugal pump