High Efficiency Horziontal Diesel Water Pump

High efficiency horziontal diesel water pump

The  Horizontal single-stage single suction water centrifugal pump driven by diesel engine has the following characteristics:  


the whole series of hydraulic performance layout is reasonable, the user selection range is wide, and maintenance is convenient; the efficiency and suction head reach the international average advanced level. The diesel engine water pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, agricultural drainage and irrigation as well as for conveying clear water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water, and the temperature is not higher than 80 .

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IS single-stage diesel water pump has simple structure, reliable performance, small volume, light weight, good anti cavitation performance, low power consumption and convenient use and maintenance.           

The IS single-stage diesel water pump has a wide range of versatility. There are 140 specifications in the whole series, but only four kinds of shafts are used; the shafts, bearings and shaft seals of the same specification can be interchanged; there are only four kinds of suspension in the whole series of pumps.

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The performance is as follows: 

Pump speed is divided into 2900 and 1450 rpm.                      

Maximum flow: 240m3 / min, 400m3 / min           

Maximum total lift: 125m 55m           

Maximum speed: 3500 rpm (the impeller diameter is reduced when it is used for 60 wave regulating power supply)           

Maximum working temperature: 80            

The allowable suction pipeline pressure is 0.3MPa, and the maximum service pressure of the pump is 1.6Mpa.

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