How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Horizontal Slurry Pump?

Today let us talk about how to improve the efficiency of the horizontal slurry pump.

The horizontal slurry pump is a kind of energy conversion machine, the energy conversion process must be accompanied by the loss of energy, and efficiency is the measure of this conversion. How to improve the efficiency of the horizontal slurry pump and reduce the loss of energy? It is necessary to find out the loss of energy in the mining slurry pump. The energy loss in the slurry pump mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. Mechanical loss
It is mainly the friction loss (also known as disc loss) between the liquid and the outer surface of the front and rear cover plates of the impeller and the pump cavity.

Disk loss accounts for a large proportion, even up to 30% of the effective power. The test shows that the disc loss is proportional to the third power of rotating speed and the fifth power of impeller outer diameter. Therefore, the larger the outer diameter of impeller, the greater the disc loss. Although the disc loss is proportional to the third power of rotation speed, under a given head, with the increase of rotation speed, the outer diameter of centrifugal slurry pump impeller decreases correspondingly (it can be considered that the increase of centrifugal slurry pump speed doubles, the outer diameter of impeller decreases by half), and the disc loss decreases in the fifth power proportion. Therefore, with the increase of rotation speed, the disc loss does not increase, but decreases, which is the reason for the development of high-speed pump One.


2. Volume loss

A part of the liquid in the impeller of slurry pump leaks back to the impeller inlet through the impeller sealing ring gap and is not effectively utilized, resulting in losses. Therefore, official account: Centrifugal slurry Pump steward, the clearance of the sealing ring should be smaller, the better. However, due to the reasons of machining and assembly, too small clearance may form eccentric wear or die. The national standard has made special regulations for the clearance of various types of horizontal slurry pumps.


3. Hydraulic loss

The fluid in the overflow part of the pump (from the inlet to the outlet) must have the loss caused by the change of speed and direction, which are the hydraulic loss. In order to reduce this part of the loss, in addition to improving the smoothness of the flow passage parts, try to select excellent hydraulic model.


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