The situation of all over the world is worse and worse with the covid-19 spreading rapidly, more and more people are infected due to lack of protection awareness and measures. 

The following is for you to protect yourself along with the one who is arounds you.

1. When you are outside, be always wear a mask.

The mask should be 3M brand with KN90, 92,94, 95 level.

Never lower than a one-time using medical mask.

2. Always wash your hands before eating

This is the most important step.

Beware of that, the water must be flowing.

Do not use a washbasin to wash your hands.

3. Do not touch your eyes, nostril without washing your hands

4. Never go to a place crowded area without wearing a mask

5. Keep healthy, sleep early

6. Open the window regularly.

7. Never organize or join the dinner party

8. Keep far away from the wild animals

9. Never or try not touch the public door handle.

10. Pay attention to the Elevator button

11. Keep the drainage channel free enough.

12.Smoking and drinking are not helpful to fight against the virus.

13. Cold weather is not helpful to fight against the virus

14. The best way is not going outside.

15. Prepare enough food and mask, in case of food shortage. 

In the past two months, we do these and hope these help you.