How To Select A Suitable Chemical Pump

How to choose out suitable chemical pumps?Let us talk about together today!

The typical pumps used in the chemical production process include: feed chemical pump, reflux pump, tower bottom pump, circulating pump, product pump, injection pump, makeup pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, fuel oil pump, lubricating oil pump and sealing liquid pump. See the table below for their characteristics and selection requirements.


1) It must meet the requirements of flow, head, pressure, temperature, NPSH and other process parameters.

(2) It must meet the requirements of medium characteristics:

① For pumps conveying inflammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, the shaft seal shall be reliable or leakage free pumps shall be used, such as shield pumps, magnetic drive pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc.

② For chemical pumps conveying corrosive media, corrosion-resistant materials shall be used for flow passage parts.

③ For the chemical  pump conveying the medium containing solid particles, wear-resistant materials shall be used for the flow passage parts, and the shaft seal shall be washed with clean liquid if necessary.

water pump

(3) It must meet the installation requirements on site.

① For the chemical pump installed in the presence of corrosive gas, it is required to take measures against atmospheric corrosion.

② For the chemical pump installed in the outdoor environment with the temperature below - 20C, it is required to consider the cold embrittlement of the chemical pump and adopt the low temperature resistant material.

③ For chemical pumps installed in explosive areas. The explosion-proof motor shall be used according to the explosion area level.

(4) For the factory that requires a major overhaul every year, the continuous operation period of the chemical pump shall not be less than 8000 hours generally. In order to meet the requirement of 3-year overhaul, apl610 (8th Edition) stipulates that the continuous operation period of pumps for petroleum, heavy chemical and gas industries shall be at least 3 years.

(5) The design life of the chemical pump is generally at least 10 years. Apl610 (8th Edition) specifies a minimum design life of 20 years for centrifugal pumps for the petroleum, heavy chemical and gas industries.

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