Installation Of Submersible Sewage Pump

Do you know how many ways to install the submersible sewage pumps?

Submersible sewage pump is the abbreviation of submersible sewage pump. On the basis of the submersible pump, the passage adopts anti blocking design, which is used for primary lifting, intermediate lifting and sludge return. It is mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and sewage treatment occasions, to discharge sewage, waste water and rainwater containing solid and long fiber.

submersible sewage pump system

Two common installation methods:

Submersible sewage pump is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in water treatment engineering, especially in small and medium-sized projects. There are two common installation methods of submersible sewage pump: coupling installation and mobile installation.

Coupling installation is to connect theSubmersible sewage pump with the pipeline through the coupler, which is convenient to separate the pump from the outlet pipeline, and to lift the pump through the lifting device during maintenance. The coupling type installation is applicable to various specifications of submersible sewage pump, which is the most commonly used installation mode of submersible sewage pump. The coupler is supplied by the equipment manufacturer in complete set.

Mobile installation means that the outlet pipeline of the Submersible sewage pump is directly connected to the water surface through the hose, and the submersible sewage pump is placed at the bottom of the pool by its own weight or suspended on the lifting device through the iron chain, etc. The mobile installation does not need to be fixed by the coupler and the pool bottom, so it is easy to move. It can be lifted together with the pipeline during maintenance. At the same time, because of the installation method, it is difficult to bear the large torque, only suitable for small submersible sewage pump.

sludge pump2

(1) Minimum operating level

For pumps with a power of more than 11kw, the cooling system of the device motor can be selected to cool the pump. If the cooling system is not selected, the motor will be cooled directly by the pumped medium. The minimum liquid level corresponding to the two different cooling modes is different, and the liquid level required for direct cooling mode is higher than that with cooling system.

In the installation condition diagram provided by the manufacturer, the solid triangle "▼" and the hollow triangle "▽" are used to distinguish, wherein "▼" indicates with cooling system and "▽" indicates without cooling system.

In the installation condition diagram of the above case, the effective minimum liquid level is 570mm from the bottom of coupling device with cooling system, and 785mm without cooling system. That is to say, when there is a cooling system, the effective liquid level can be 215mm lower.

(2) Plane opening and positioning

During the coupling installation of Submersible sewage pump, the minimum installation size of submersible pump shall be considered for the plane opening. In the case, the view of direction a shows the size of the smallest installation hole of the water pump, 1000 × 700mm.

When positioning, the pool edge where the guide rod is installed is the reference line. This is because the positioning of the submersible sewage pump is completed by the guide rod connected with the coupling device, and the position of the guide rod is determined by the pool side. When positioning the bolts of the coupler base, the pool edge shall also be taken as the reference line. According to the above case, the location of the bolt holes 253mm away from the pool edge shall be determined first, and then the location of the other two bolt holes shall be determined by the spacing of the bolt holes 350mm.

Finally, the most important dimensions reflected in the drawings are: the position and size of the opening on the top plane, and the position and specification of the embedded anchor screw on the bottom (generally, the reserved hole is used for the design of post cast concrete).

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