Installation Of The Water Pump

When you receive the water pumps,how to assemble them?Today let us talk.

First we talk about the structure of the water pump:

horizontal centrifugal pump

Shaft seal structure of is clean water pump

(1) The axial soft packing sealing system of the water pump is composed of packing gland, packing ring and packing to prevent air intake or a large amount of water leakage. If the impeller of the water pump has a balance hole, the cavity filled with soft packing is connected with the impeller suction port. If the liquid at the impeller inlet is in a vacuum state, it is easy to air along the surface of the shaft sleeve, so a packing ring is installed in the packing chamber, through the water hole of the pump cover, the pressure water in the pump chamber is led to the packing ring for sealing. In order to avoid shaft wear, a shaft sleeve is installed at the position where the shaft passes through the packing chamber. An O-ring is arranged between the shaft sleeve and the shaft to prevent air intake or water leakage along the mating surface.

(2) The mechanical seal system of the water pump is composed of gland, flat gasket, retaining ring, short shaft sleeve and mechanical seal, which belongs to single face unbalanced mechanical seal. The main installation dimensions of mechanical seal shall conform to DIN24960 standard. Figure 2 shows the relevant dimensions for users' reference. If the axial dimension of the mechanical seal replaced by the user is longer, the s value can be reduced or the length of the short shaft sleeve can be reduced (when s = 0). For pumps with mechanical seal, a throttle plug shall be installed at the end of the water flushing hole of the water pump cover to make a small amount of water enter the packing chamber.

(3) The rubber oil seal system of the water pump is mostly used in isy type oil transfer pump, which is composed of packing gland, common framework type rubber oil seal and oil seal ring. The oil seal ring is filled with grease, which lubricates the movement between the shaft sleeve and the oil seal. When the rubber oil seal is used, there is no small hole on the water pump cover to guide the pressure liquid to the packing chamber.

3. A cooling chamber cover is added between the water pump cover and the suspension body of the ISR type hot water pump. Cooling water is introduced into the cavity between the cooling chamber cover and the water pump cover to cool the shaft seal to prevent heat from entering the bearing.

After the water pump is transported to the designated location, the equipment shall be hoisted and installed, which shall be accurately located on the inertia pedestal of the completed equipment.

water pump

All water pumps shall be funneled to catch the water leaked by the sealing gasket, and pipes shall be discharged to the nearest drainage point. The foundation concrete strength, coordinate, elevation, size and bolt hole position before the water pump is in place must meet the requirements of detailed design drawings.

During installation, the foundation bolts shall be vertical, tightened and closely contacted with the equipment base. The water pump sizing block group shall be placed correctly, stably and closely, with no more than 3 pieces in each group. install bracket on the pipeline near the water pump, so that there is no weight attached to the water pump shell. Both ends of the water inlet and outlet of each pump of water pump shall be equipped with exhaust valve, water outlet and pressure gauge joint, and the water inlet and outlet shall be equipped with flange pipe connection.

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