Installation Steps Of Diesel Water Pump

Installation steps of diesel water pump unit:   


1. Check whether the diesel engine water pump and motor are damaged. The installation height of the diesel engine water pump, plus the hydraulic loss of the suction pipeline, and its speed energy shall not be greater than the allowable suction vacuum height specified in the sample. The foundation dimension shall be in accordance with the installation dimension of the pump unit.           

2. Place the diesel engine water pump on the concrete foundation embedded with foundation bolts, correct the level by adjusting the wedge cushion block between them, and tighten it properly to prevent walking.  

Diesel water pump (1)          

3. Pour concrete after foundation and pump footing. After the concrete is dry and fixed, tighten the anchor bolts and recheck the levelness of the diesel engine water pump.            

4. Correct the concentricity of motor shaft and diesel engine water pump shaft. Make the two shafts in a straight line, and the tolerance of coaxiality on the outer circle of the two shafts is 0.1mm, and the tolerance of unevenness on the end face is 0.3mm (check again after connecting the inlet and outlet water pipelines and commissioning, and the above requirements shall still be met).           

5. After checking that the rotation direction of motor is consistent with that of diesel engine water pump, install coupling and coupling pin.           

6. The inlet and outlet water pipes shall be supported by brackets, which shall not be supported by the diesel engine water pump body. 

Diesel water pump (2)           

7. The junction surface between the water pump and the pipeline of the diesel engine shall ensure good air tightness, especially the water inlet pipeline, which shall be strictly free of air leakage and the possibility of air entrapment.           

8. If the diesel engine water pump is installed above the inlet water level, in order to start the pump, the bottom valve can be installed generally. Vacuum water diversion can also be used.            

9. After the water pump and outlet pipe of diesel engine, gate valve and check valve shall be installed (if the lift is less than 20 meters, it is not necessary), and the check valve shall be installed behind the gate valve. The installation method mentioned above refers to the diesel engine water pump unit without a common base.       

Diesel water pump (3)     

10. Install the diesel engine water pump with a common base, and use the wedge-shaped sizing block between the base and the concrete foundation to correct the level of the unit. Then in the concrete. The installation principle and requirements are the same as those of the unit without common base.