Kubota Sanlian Brand Mds Type Multistage Pump

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: MDS series

  • Working Pressure: Middle Pressure Pump

  • Position of Pump Shaft: Horizontal Pump

  • Mounting Height: Since Irrigation Centrifugal Pumps

  • Usage: Pump

  • Head: 50-1000m

  • Specification: CE; ISO9001

  • HS Code: 8413709990

  • Impeller Number: Multistage Pump

  • Influent Type of Impeller: Single Suction Pump

  • Pump Casing Combined: Horizontal Split Pumps

  • Impeller: Closed

  • Capacity: 6.3-1250m3/H

Product Description

Inlet diameter:40-580mm



Speed:1480r/min   2980r/min

Matched power: 5.5-3150kW

MD(S) type pump is a kind of mineral wear-resistant multistage centrifugal pump improved and designed based on D type pump.It is characterized by its wear-resistance,long service time,and it is used to transmit mine water whose solid particle content is less than 1.5%(particle diameter smaller than 0.5mm),and other similar liquids.Transmitted medium temperature is no more than 80oC.


Application Area

Specially applied for mineral drainage.

Structural Characteristics

The series of horizontal multistage centrifugal pump is supported by two ends.The casing part is sectional.The pump is driven by means of the connection of flexible coupling and motor.The pump rotates clockwise from the direction of drive end.(D580-70(1),MD580-70(1) The pump rotates anticlockwise from the direction of drive end).

Stator part

It is mainly connected to be a whole part by suction section,middle section,discharge section stuffing box using tension bolts and bolts,and the discharge is vertically upwards and the suction is horizontal.

Rotor part

It is mainly made up of shaft,impeller,balance plate,shaft sleeve,etc.

Seal of pump

The stationary joint face between the suction section,middle section and discharge section is sealed with gaskets.

The choke flow seal is adopted between different stages of pump.

Packing seal is used for shaft seal of two sides of the pump.

The water deflector is used for preventing water from entering the bearing.

Bearing part

The whole rotor is supported by the roller bearing at the two sides of bearing.The grease lubrication is applied for the bearing.