Let Us Take You To A Specific Understanding Of Centrifugal Pump Installation

Water pump installation process includes foundation inspection → water pump in place installation → detection and adjustment → lubrication and refueling → test run.

Let's take you to a specific understanding of the detailed process!

The foundation coordinate, elevation, dimension and reserved holes shall meet the design requirements. The foundation surface shall be flat and the concrete strength shall meet the equipment installation requirements.

centrifugal pump

1) The plane size of the water centrifugal pump foundation shall be 100-150 mm wider than that around the base of the water pump unit when there is no vibration isolation; and 150 mm wider than that around the base when there is vibration isolation. The elevation of the top of the foundation shall be more than 100 mm higher than the finished surface of the pump house floor when there is no vibration isolation installation, and more than 50 mm higher than the finished surface of the pump house floor when there is vibration isolation installation, and no water shall be accumulated. Drainage facilities are set around the periphery of the foundation to facilitate the leakage of water during maintenance or accident leakage.

centrifugal pump

2) The oil, gravel, soil and ponding in the foundation surface of the water centrifugal pump and the reserved holes of the anchor bolts shall be removed; the threads and nuts of the embedded anchor bolts shall be well protected; the surface of the place where the sizing block is placed shall be chiseled flat.

Place the water centrifugal pump on the foundation and use the sizing block to align and level the water pump. After the water pump is installed, the same set of sizing blocks shall be spot welded together to avoid loosening under stress.

1) There is no vibration isolation installation for water centrifugal pump.

After the water centrifugal pump is aligned and leveled, install the anchor bolt. The screw shall be vertical and the exposed length of the screw shall be 1 / 2 of the screw diameter. During secondary grouting of foot bolt, the strength of concrete shall be 1-2 grade higher than that of foundation, and shall not be lower than C25; during grouting, it shall be tamped, and shall not make the foundation bolt incline and affect the installation accuracy of water centrifugal pump unit.

When the centrifugal pump and motor of large water pump are separated and assembled on site, the precautions are as follows:

① Based on the concrete foundation, the section steel support shall be made according to the design drawings, and fixed on the foundation with foundation bolts, and the rough level shall be carried out.

② Water centrifugal pump and motor are in place.

Before the motor is in place, if core pulling inspection is required, ensure that the enameled wire skin of motor rotor and stator winding is not touched. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the stator slot; test whether the clearance between the rotor and the stator is even and whether there is waist sweeping phenomenon; check whether the motor bearing is in good condition. Change the lubricating oil.

If the water centrifugal pump needs to be cleaned, it needs to be disassembled. When the form of bearing bush is adopted, the clearance of bearing bush shall be detected to avoid over loosening or axle holding.

The coupling of water centrifugal pump and motor is fixed with key and shaft, and it is required to be installed flatly. It can be measured by angle ruler or level ruler. It's ready to go.

Measure and adjust the inlet and outlet flange and base processing surface of the water centrifugal pump with level meter and plumb bob, and conduct fine installation of the water pump. For the water pump installed as a whole, the levelness of the horizontal pump body shall not be greater than 0.1/1000, and the verticality of the vertical centrifugal pump body shall not be greater than 0.1/1000.

When the water centrifugal pump and motor are connected by coupling, use dial indicator and feeler gauge to measure and adjust the axial and radial direction of the coupling. The axial inclination of the coupling shall not be greater than 0.8/1000, and the radial displacement shall not be greater than 0.1mm.

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