Mobile Diesel Trash Pump

Mobile diesel trash pump

The mobile diesel powerful sewage pump can be compared with the similar products imported from abroad; the non blocking impeller can pass through the solid particles with a diameter of 76mm at most, and the fast strong self-priming can be achieved. 

The water pipe can be put into the sewage to pump water. The maximum fast self-priming height is 7.6m. In case of super large and super many solid waste blocking, the pump truck can resume work with a small window and quick opening and cleaning.


Operating conditions:           

  • Liquid temperature: 0 ~ 40 , medium density 1.2 × 103 kg / M 3, pH value 5 ~ 9;           

  • Volume ratio of solid phase in the medium 2%;           

  • The maximum rapid self-priming height is 7.6m           

  • Ambient temperature: 40           

  • Altitude: up to 1000M