Ngzl Series Vertical Multistage Pipeline Water Pump

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 100NGZL72-80(B)

  • Max.Capacity: >400 L/min

  • Impeller Number: Multistage Pump

  • Influent Type of Impeller: Single Suction Pump

  • Pump Casing Combined: Verticaljoint Surface Pump

  • Impeller: Closed

  • Trademark: MODO

  • Origin: Wenzhou China

  • Max.Head: >150m

  • Driving Type: Motor

  • Working Pressure: High Pressure Pump

  • Position of Pump Shaft: Vertical Pump

  • Mounting Height: Suction Centrifugal

  • Usage: Pump

  • Specification: 45kw

  • HS Code: 8413701090

Product Description

Patent Characteristics
Patented bearing cooling technology : overcoming the old design's defects like deficient heat dissipation and a short service life of bearings;
Patented mechanical seal pressure reduction technology: overcoming the old design's defects like excessive pressure of mechanical seal, quick wear of mechanical seal surfaces and vlunerability to leakage;
Patented low stage number and high-lift design: overcoming the old design's defects like poor stability of shaft, being easily broken, stuck pump, large pump volume, violent vibration and loud noise because a long and thick shaft has to be used to obtain multiple stages of impeller blades to achieve a high lift;
Patented and optimal design of impeller and guide vane: the guide vane is integrated with the water pump housing to prevent the occurrence of a liquid vacuum segment, thus avoiding cavitation and being safe and long-life;
Patented optimal detachable design: reducing support and fixing parts, simplifying the structure and making maintenance and disassembly easier.

Patent Advantages
Fully computerized hydraulic model design with optimal computer processing
High -quality stainless steel jacket with reasonable design and attractive appearance;
Low stage number, high lift, high efficiency, low noise, low wear rate, long life, easy maintenance and operation and maintenance costs.

Application Scope

It's a suitable substitute for many types and specifications of domestic and fire centrifugal's sidely applied in circulation and pressurization of cold and hot water in high-pressure operating systems,water supply of multiple pumps in parallel for high-rise buildings,water supply for firefighting and boilers,cooling water systems,transportation of various flushing fluids,etc.
it's particularly applicable for low and space-constrained installing environments like basements of high-rise buildings and also for water supply of residential communities for low noise requirements.