Precations For Installation And Operation Of Submersible Pump

Do you know the right operation of submersible pump?Today we'll talk together!

1) Check whether the power supply, water well and water quality meet the use conditions specified in the product manual.

2) A straight cylinder with diameter equal to the outer diameter of the electric submersible pump unit and length equal to the length of the electric pump unit is used to suspend the pump to the installation depth, which can be lifted smoothly. At the same time, the actual depth of the well is measured to determine whether the installation conditions are met.

3) Check whether the well platform is suitable for installing the well cover and can bear the weight of the electric submersible pump unit and supporting water pipe.

submersible pump

4) Check whether the electric submersible pump unit is in good condition according to the assembly drawing of the product manual, i.e. filter off the water filtering network and check the rotation of the pump shaft, without any jamming.

5) At the place marked with water injection hole sign, screw down the bolts of two water injection holes, fill the motor with clean water, and then put on the rubber washer to tighten the bolts.

6) Check whether the three-phase wire can operate normally with a multimeter

7) Connect the protection switch and starting equipment, fill the submersible pump with water from the water pump outlet, lubricate the rubber bearing and framework oil seal in the electric pump, and check whether the steering direction is in the direction of the steering indicator. If on the contrary, the live wire of the three-phase power supply should be connected reversely with the other two wires, and the water filtering network should be made to install and run into the well.

submersible pump impeller

8) The rubber gasket of water pipe shall be installed correctly and the bolts shall be tightened.

9) During installation, water resistant rope shall be used on each section of water pipe to fasten the cable and water pipe, and attention shall be paid not to tie it too tightly.

10) Install the submersible pump, check the insulation resistance and three-phase conduction from the switch in turn, then check the instrument and starting equipment, close the gate valve (leave a little space), close the switch, start the motor, slowly open the gate valve, and adjust until the ammeter indicates 90% - 100% of the rated current value. Observe whether the indication of the instrument exceeds the requirements of the famous brand, and check the power supply and operation.

11) After the first operation of the electric submersible pump for 4 hours, shut down the pump and test the thermal insulation resistance quickly. When it is less than 0.5m Ω, it can be put into operation

12) After stopping the pump, it shall be started after 5min interval, and it shall not be started frequently, so as to avoid damaging the motor and submersible pump parts.

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