Product Introduction Of Gravel Pump

Product introduction of gravel pump



Part 1. Structure: all are horizontal, single pump shell centrifugal pumps. The pump body and cover are clamped with special clamps. The discharge direction of the pump can be at any position of 360 degrees, which is more convenient for installation and use than ceramic pump and slurry pump. The bearing assembly adopts cylinder structure, which is convenient to adjust the clearance between impeller and pump body, and can be removed as a whole during maintenance. The bearing is lubricated with grease. 

Part 2. Use of sand gravel pump: wide flow channel, good cavitation performance, high efficiency, wear resistance. It is mainly used for the continuous transportation of highly abrasive materials which are too large to be transported by the general slurry pump. It is suitable for dredging, sand absorption, river dredging, sand mining and metal smelting slag transportation. Shaft seal form: packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal.

Part 3. Transmission mode of sand gravel pump: V-belt drive, elastic coupling drive, gear reducer drive, hydraulic coupling drive, frequency conversion drive device, silicon controlled speed regulation, etc. Using a variety of speed and variety of ways to make the pump in the best operating conditions. The utility model has the advantages of long service life, high operation benefit, and can meet many kinds of bad transportation conditions.

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