Pumps Applications

Pumps applications


In the process of mineral processing, smelting and rolling, pumps are needed to supply water and slurry. 

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l  In the field of construction, pumps provide building automatic water supply and drainage, pressurized boiler water supply, drainage, non negative pressure water supply, HVAC, fire fighting equipment and other general equipment.

l  Water pump in municipal, water conservancy, power fields to provide irrigation, drainage, water diversion projects, water works, power plant ash removal, condensate, circulating water, boiler water supply and other equipment supporting services. 

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l  Water pumps provide sewage treatment, green irrigation, water diversion, water distribution, soil improvement or flood discharge in the field of environmental protection.           

l  Water supply and drainage in cities, water for steam locomotives, transportation of bleaching liquid and dye in the textile industry, transportation of pulp in the paper industry, and transportation of milk and sugar food in the food industry all need a large number of pumps.       

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For example, the submersible axial flow pump has a wide range of applications in drainage and flood prevention. Axial flow pump is characterized by large flow, which can reach tens of thousands of cubic meters per hour. And the power used in similar products is relatively small, which greatly saves energy consumption.