SA Series Heavy Duty Centrifugal Sludge Pump

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SA

  • Structure: Single-stage Pump

  • Power: Electric

  • Type: Jet Pump

  • Media: Sewage Pumps

  • Theory: Vortex Pump

  • Influent Type of Impeller: Single Suction Pump

  • Impeller Number: Single-Stage Pump

  • Origin: , China

  • Material: Cast Steel

  • Assembly: Liquid Pumps

  • Start Up: Electric Pump

  • Application: Slurry Pump

  • Performance: Wear Pump

  • Position of Pump Shaft: Horizontal Pump

  • Working Pressure: Low Pressure Pump

  • Trademark: MODO

  • HS Code: 8413609190

Product Description

SA horizontal slurry pumps with rubber liner range in size from 25mm (1'') to 450mm (18''). With a wide variety of material options available and its severe duty design, extra thick liners and multiple impeller options, our design has the versatility to be set up according to your specifications. Our pumps are able to support the existing market with spares that fit into the dominant brand.
Field trials in severe duty applications have demonstrated that SA slurry pumps and replacement parts are capable of achieving efficiency gains of up to 7% and component wear life of up to 300% longer than that achieved by other brands. This results in significantly reduced operating costs and greater plant production.


High tensile steel shaft with small overhang reduces deflection and prolongs bearing life
Modern bearing seals improve reliability and extend wear life
Heavy duty one piece frame with lifting points allows for easy maintenance
Single piece sleeves allows for easy maintenance and removal
O ring seals protect from abrasive/corrosive contaminants
C-HEI severe duty impeller reduces throat bush wear, improves hydraulics which results in higher efficiency, lower NPSHR and increased wear life
Multi-purpose design allows for reduced inventory requirements
Mechanical seal automatically adjust water flush pressure which means high suction pressures can be accommodated for whilst remaining leak free
Liners are bolted to allow for easy maintenance
Thick section volute liners and frame plate liner inserts for high efficiency
Ductile iron cover plate with ribs enable higher working pressures and cast lifting points

Range from 25mm (1'') to 450mm (18'')
Stocked in 27% Chrome White Iron, Natural Rubber, Polyurethane
Specialist linings available on request
Option of packed gland, expeller sealed or mechanical seal arrangements
Choice of standard or heavy duty bearings

Mineral processing
Chemical processing
Coal preparation
Effluent handling
Gravel and sand

Performance Parameters

M - 27% high chrome white iron liner
R - Rubber Liner
TypeMax. Power
Wet End Mat'lCapacity
(m 3 /hr)
Max. Eff.
No. of VanesDia. of Impeller
1.5/1 SA15M12.6-28.86-681200-3800402-45152
1.5/1 SA15R10.8-25.27-521400-3400352-43152
1.5/1 SH30M16.2-34.225-921400-2200202-5.55330
2/1.5 SA15M32.4-726-581200-3200453.5-85184
2/1.5 SA15R25.2-545.5-411000-2600502.5-55178
3/2 SA30M39.6-86.412-641300-2700554-65214
3/2 SA30R36-75.613-391300-2100552-45213
3/2 SH60M68.4-136.825-87850-1400473-7.55457
4/3 SA60M86.4-1989-521000-2200714-65245
4/3 SA60R79.2-1805-34.5800-1800593-55245
4/3 SA60M97.2-194.49-531000-220055
4/3 SH120M126-25212-97600-1400502-55508
6/4 SA120M162-36012-56800-1550655-85365
6/4 SA120R144-32412-45800-1350653-55365
6/4 SA120M180-3967-61600-1600553-84372
6/4 SA120M144-32410-52800-1600554.5-92371
6/4 SA120M126-28810-55800-1600582-2.52365
6/4 SH560M324-72030-118600-1000643-85711
8/6 SA300M360-82810-61500-1140722-95510
8/6 SA300R324-7207-49400-1000655-105510
8/6 SA300M360-8287-70400-1140703-68536
8/6 SA300M360-8287-52400-1000702.5-64536
8/6 SA300M288-6485-47400-1000603-62510
8/6 SH1200M576-115232-95450-725656-105965
10/8 SM300M540-122815-61600-1100704.5-84549
10/8 SM300M666-144014-60600-1100734-105549
10/8 SM300R540-118810-42500-900795-95549
10/8 SA560M612-136811-61400-850714-105686
10/8 SA560R540-118812-50400-750754-125686
12/10 SA560M936-19807-68300-8008265762
12/10 SA560R720-16207-45300-650802.5-7.55762
14/12 SA560M1260-277213-63300-600773-105965
14/12 SA560R1152-252013-44300-500793-85965
16/14 SA1200M1368-306011-63250-550794-1051067
16/14 SA1200M1699-379814-75250-550754.5-681067
18/16 SA1200M2160-50408-66200-500804.5-951245
20/18 SA1200M2520-540013-57200-400855-1051370