Sewage water pump and other pumps, impeller and pressure chamber are its two core components. Its performance represents the performance of the pump, the anti clogging performance of the sewage pump, the efficiency, and the cavitation performance. The anti abrasion performance is mainly guaranteed by the two parts of the vane pump and the water pressure chamber. Basically, spiral volute is not used in sewage pump. The simple structure and convenient manufacture of the annular water pressure chamber are widely used in the small sewage water pump. However, due to the appearance of the intermediate (semi spiral) water pressure chamber, the application scope of the annular water pressure chamber is becoming smaller and smaller. Because of the high efficiency of screw and the high permeability of annular water chamber, the intermediate water chamber has attracted more and more attention of manufacturers.

1. Impeller structure type of sewage water pump:

Impeller structure is divided into four categories: blade type (open and closed), spiral-flow type, runner type, (including single runner and double runner) spiral centrifugal type.

Advantages: the open half and open impeller are easy to manufacture. When the impeller is blocked, it can be easily cleaned and maintained. Shortage: in the long-term operation, the gap between the blade and the side wall of the water pressure chamber will increase under the abrasion of particles, thus reducing the efficiency. And the increase of clearance will destroy the distribution of pressure difference on the blade. It not only produces a lot of vortex loss, but also increases the axial force of the pump. At the same time, due to the increase of the clearance, the stability of the flow state of the liquid in the flow passage is damaged, which causes the pump to vibrate. This type of impeller is not easy to transport medium containing large particles and long fibers. In terms of performance, the efficiency of this type of impeller is low, and the highest efficiency is about 92% of that of the ordinary closed impeller The curve is relatively flat.

2. Spiral-flow type impeller of sewage water pump:

Advantages: the pump with this type of impeller, because the impeller is partially or completely shrunk away from the flow channel of the pressure chamber. Therefore, the non blocking property is good, and the ability of passing through particles and long fibers is strong. Particles flow in the pressurized water chamber driven by the vortex generated by the rotation of the impeller. The suspended particles themselves do not generate energy, but exchange energy with the liquid in the flow channel. In the process of flow, the suspended particles or long fibers do not contact with the blade, the blade is slightly worn, there is no increase of clearance due to abrasion, and the efficiency will not be seriously reduced in long-term operation. The pump with this type of impeller is suitable for pumping medium containing large particles and long fibers. Disadvantages: in terms of performance, the efficiency of the impeller is relatively low, only equivalent to about 70% of the ordinary closed impeller, and the lift curve is relatively flat.   


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