Stainless Steel Long Shaft Sewage Centrifugal Water Pump

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: JFY

  • Max.Capacity: 35-900m3/H

  • Structure: Single-stage Pump

  • Start Up: Electric Pump

  • Application: Submersible Pump, Sewage Pump, Slurry Pump, Oil Transfer Pump, Chemical Pump

  • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

  • Transport Package: Plywooden Case

  • HS Code: 8413709990

  • Max.Head: 8-160m

  • Driving Type: Motor

  • Power: Electric

  • Type: Blade Pump

  • Performance: No Leakage Pump

  • Trademark: MODO 

  • Origin: Zhenjiang, China Product Description

Product Description

JFY series long-shaft submersible sewage pump is single stage, single suction, volute casing vertical long-shaft submersible pump. It is designed according to ISO2858 Standard, and complies with Technical requirements for single stage single suction chemical centrifugal pumpand partly complies wit API610 10th VersionCentrifugal pumps for petroleum petrochemical and natural gas industries. 

The pump is reliable, steady with a long service life, and easy to maintain. The parts can be universal. 
The flexible shaft design theory is applied on the pump, reliable way of joint shaft shall be used with multi-point supporting structure, and max insert depth can be 6m. 

The pump has good hydraulic performance with volute structure. The outlet pipe is independent which makes hydraulic loss lower and efficiency higher. 

The pump has self-washing, outta-washing, closed impeller, open impeller and other configurations, which can be used to transmit all kinds of medium that has clean or impurities. 

The pump is submersible pump and shaft seal does not contact with transmitted medium, and there is no sealing leakage point, so labyrinth seal, packing seal shall be used to prevent volatilized gas from medium leaking outside. 

The pump shall be mainly applied in refinery, petrol-chemical industry, coal chemical industry, power plant, environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, cement plant and so on. 

Self-flushing structure(Wash every sliding bearing, lubricating bearing using transmitted medium coming from pump outlet in order to reduce the heat caused by friction), all kinds of clean, non-particle, neutral or corrosive medium shall be used to be transmitted. 

External-flushing structure(Wash every sliding bearing, lubricating bearing using clean flushing fluid coming from outside to reduce the heat caused by friction and avoid solid particles and impurities from getting into bearing to make sure the bearing works normally), all kinds of slurry, medium with particles and wastewater shall be suitable to be transmitted. 

Performance Range
Capacity Q 2~900m3 /h
Head H 5~100m
Work pressure P ~l. 6Mpa
Work temperature t -20~180o C

Structural Characteristics
Pump casing is designed according to 1.6MPa, filter screen shall be used at the inlet of pump to filter the transmitted medium. 

Seal ring shall be mounted on the pump casing, and back vane structure shall be applied for the impeller to balance the axial force. 

Side-out structure is applied on the outlet pipe, and there is non-pressure medium between supporting pipe and sealing place, which makes hydraulic loss lower and efficiency higher. 

Balance chamber structure design, a balance pipe is included, which is used for pressure relief, and axial force of the whole machine shall be reduced, meanwhile the particles shall be flown away from balance pipe to reduce the possibility of particles getting into the sliding bearing. 

Joint shaft is safe and reliable. 

Rotor part is supported by rolling bearing and sliding bearing, which can be adjusted axially. 

Rolling bearing, which is grease lubrication, shall be mounted on the baseplate, and self-lubricating or external lubricating shall be used on the sliding bearing. 

Due to the separate outlet pipe, there is no medium leakage on the extension direction, if the liquid does not volatilize, there is no need to use shaft seal. 

The impeller and pump casing is under the liquid, when the pump starts, the impeller is already immersed in the medium, so there is no need to exhaust the air, no start problem will be existed. 

High strength pump shaft can guarantee the steady operation of pump. When the operation speed of pump is below the first critical speed of pump, the suction pipe shall be installed to make sure the insert depth of pump.