The 9th Shanghai International Pump, Pipe And Valve Exhibition

The 9th Shanghai international pump, pipe and valve exhibition will be held from August 31 to September 2

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency response level in Shanghai has been reduced from two to three, and all kinds of conference and exhibition activities will be fully restored. The organizer of Shanghai International Pump & Pipe &Valve Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Pump & Valve exhibition) paid close attention to its development trend and actively responded to the national call. After communication with the exhibition hall, it was confirmed that the exhibition period was August 31-september 2, 2020, and the venue remained unchanged in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao). 

The 9th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition is a large-scale professional exhibition with a scale of more than 70000 square meters, 1200 exhibitors and more than 60,00 professional visitors. It is a high-quality pump and pipe valve exhibition in the industry, aiming to focus on the reform and progress of the international fluid machinery industry, Promote communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream industries, and build a one-stop procurement platform. 

In addition, Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition, together with Shanghai International Water Exhibition, Shanghai International Construction Water Exhibition, Shanghai International Guyu · waste gas exhibition, etc. held at the same time, is committed to opening up the upstream and downstream industries in the fields of water supply, sewage treatment, drainage design, membrane industry, environmental protection, etc., spanning the three major fields of municipal, industrial and civil, giving full play to the linkage effect of the industry. Provide exhibitors and visitors with complete environmental protection technology and service solutions for the whole industrial chain. 

The 9th Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition will display more than 25000 exhibits, covering pump, intelligent water supply equipment, door, pump and valve supporting products, pipeline and pipe fittings, actuator, motor energy saving and supporting series as professional exhibitions of pump and pipe industry, Shanghai international pump and pipe exhibition has maintained close cooperation with Shanghai water supply management office, Shanghai Water Supply Industry Association, building water supply and drainage professional committee of Engineering Construction Standardization Association, water industry branch of China Civil Engineering Society, building water supply and drainage professional committee of Shanghai construction society, Fugo industrial media, process industry magazine, etc, At the same time, several special forums will be held, such as "2020 smart water high end forum of six provinces and one city in East China", "the fourth Yangtze River Delta water supply and drainage designer conference", "2020 industrial protection and treatment and energy saving technology seminar".


★Smart Water Forum of six provinces and one city in East China, directly exploring the forefront of water supply industry

★Strong combination of municipal administration and construction to jointly create a grand meeting of water supply and drainage designers in the Yangtze River Delta

★Help high-quality manufacturers to recruit distribution agents nationwide and build business governance in East China

★Jiangsu, Tianjin and river pump valve manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and many enterprises made their debut

★Open new exhibition areas for motor energy saving, chemical pump valve and industrial pump valve, running through the upstream and downstream of the industry

★100 new product release platforms designated by famous exhibitors

★Provide one-stop service for environmental protection needs of 28 end industry users

★At the same time, the world environmental protection conference will be held across municipal, industrial and civil sectors 

★Exhibition app + wechat to achieve the first-hand grasp of industry information in 365 days