The Most Complete Maintenance Procedure Of Centrifugal Pump


1. Application scope of subject content of centrifugal pump

1.1 this specification specifies the maintenance cycle and content, maintenance and quality standards, commissioning and acceptance, maintenance and troubleshooting of centrifugal pump.

1.2 this procedure is applicable to centrifugal pumps commonly used in petrochemical industry

2. Compilation and revision basis

Maintenance procedure for centrifugal pump in Refinery

Maintenance and repair procedures for clean water pump and metal corrosion resistant pump in chemical plant

Maintenance procedures for centrifugal pump in chemical plant

Maintenance procedures for multistage centrifugal pump in chemical plant

Technical requirements of centrifugal pump


Centrifugal pumps for petroleum, heavy chemical and natural gas industries

Maintenance cycle and contents

1. Maintenance period

1.1 according to the condition monitoring results and equipment operation conditions, the maintenance cycle can be adjusted appropriately.

1.2 maintenance cycle (see Table 1)

Table 1 maintenance cycle (unit: month)

2. Maintenance contents

2.1 minor repair items

Replace the packing seal.


Check and clean the bearing, bearing box, oil retaining ring, water retaining ring and oil mark of double support pump, and adjust the bearing clearance.


Check and repair the coupling of centrifugal pump and the alignment between the driver and the centrifugal pump.


Deal with general defects in operation.

slurry pump1


Check and clean cooling water, sealing oil and lubrication system.

Two point two

Overhaul items


Including minor repair items.


Check and repair mechanical seal of centrifugal pump.


Disassemble and check the wear, corrosion and erosion of all parts. The pump shaft and impeller shall be NDT if necessary.


Check and clean the bearing and oil seal of centrifugal pump, measure and adjust the bearing oil seal clearance.


Check and measure the runout and clearance of each part of the rotor, and check the dynamic balance if necessary.


Check and correct the straightness of the shaft.


Measure and adjust the axial displacement of the rotor.


Check the displacement of centrifugal pump body, foundation, anchor bolt and inlet and outlet flange to prevent additional stress on the pump body, and re pipe if necessary.

1 preparation before disassembly

1.1 master the operation of the centrifugal pump and prepare necessary drawings and data.

1.2 prepare maintenance tools, measuring tools, lifting appliances, accessories and materials.

1.3 cut off the power supply and the connection between the equipment and the system, and drain the medium in the centrifugal pump to meet the equipment safety and maintenance conditions.

2 disassembly and inspection

2.1 remove the auxiliary pipelines and check and clean centrifugal pump

2.2 remove the safety cover of the coupling, check the alignment of the coupling, and set the positioning mark of the coupling of centrifugal pump

2.3 measure the axial displacement of the rotor and disassemble and check the bearing of centrifugal pump.

2.4 remove the seal and check it.

2.5 measure the runout and clearance of each part of the rotor.

2.6 remove the rotor and measure the radial circular runout of the main shaft of centrifugal pump.

2.7 check all parts and components, and carry out flaw detection if necessary.

2.8 check the flow passage for cavitation erosion, wear, corrosion and scaling.

3. The maintenance standards shall be implemented according to the requirements of the equipment manufacturer, and those without requirements shall be implemented according to this standard.

3.1 coupling of centrifugal pump


The half coupling and shaft fit is H7 / js6.


The axial clearance between the two ends of the coupling is generally 2-6 mm.


The installation of tooth type coupling should ensure that the outer teeth are in the middle of the inner tooth width.


When installing the elastic ring pin coupling of centrifugal pump, the elastic ring and the pin should be interference fit with certain tightening force. The diameter clearance between elastic ring and coupling pin hole is 0.6 ~ 1.2mm. 3.1.5

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