Vertical Multistage Pump (QDL)


Basic Info.


Model NO.:QDL


Material:Stainless Steel


Structure:Multistage Pump




Start Up:Electric Pump


Type:Blade Pump


Application:Clarified Water Pump


Theory:Centrifugal Pump


Normal Temperature Type:-15 Degreec - +70 Degreec


Hot Water Type:+70 Degreec - +120 Degreec


Ambient Temperature:up to +40 Degreec


Altitude:up to 1000m








HS Code:84131900


Product Description

    Operation conditions:

Thin, clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers.

Liquid temperature:

Normal temperature type: -15 degreeC - +70 degreeC
Hot water type: +70 degreeC - +120 degreeC
Ambient temperature: Up to +40 degreeC
Altitude: Up to 1000m


1. Hot and cold clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid without solid grain and fibre. If for explosive liquid should choose explosion-proof motor.
2. Mineral water, soft water, pure water, edible oil and other light chemical mediums
3. When the density or viscosity of liquid is larger than that of water, it is necessary to select a motor of high-power


1. Urban water supply and pressure boosting
2. Industrial circulating system and processing system
3. Water supply for boiler, condensing system, high-rise building or fire fighting system.
4. Water treatment and RO system
5. Cooling water system

Electric motor:

Full-enclosed air-blast two-pole standed motor
Protection class: IP55
Insulation class: F
Standard voltage, 50Hz: 1x220-230/240V

60Hz: 3× 200-230/346-400V
3× 220-255/380-440V
3× 220-227/380-480V