Working Conditions Of Explosion-proof Submersible Pump

Features of explosion-proof submersible pump: according to the market demand, hancang changed the original ordinary motor into explosion-proof motor on the basis of submersible sewage pump, and added an additional explosion-proof head on the outgoing cable pump body to avoid fire and explosion accidents caused by sparks generated by the pump body motor and circuit, The cable of the explosion-proof submersible pump is also based on the ordinary submersible cable used by the ordinary submersible pump, so as to achieve the explosion-proof standard. The main feature of the explosion-proof submersible pump is to prohibit the use of flammable and explosive liquids, because after all, the entire electric Zhidao machine is working in the liquid, If the cable is damaged or the water pump leaks electricity, it may produce sparks and lead to dangerous accidents. It can only be used in places where the environment requires explosion-proof.


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As far as the explosion-proof submersible pump is concerned, as its own performance is better, as long as the user strictly follows the corresponding regulations and uses it correctly, it is not easy to have any fault problems. If it is maintained and inspected regularly again, it is not a problem to extend the service life of the explosion-proof submersible pump. However, if the wrong operation mode is adopted, there is no doubt that it will cause the occurrence of faults, or even the scrapping of equipment. In order to avoid this kind of situation, we suggest that we should avoid the following common mistakes when using explosion-proof submersible pump

Use of explosion-proof submersible pump

1. Construction drainage of coal shaft and inclined shaft.

2. Drainage at the bottom of the mine without water bin.

3. Drainage of mining face.

4. Drainage of bulk coal bunker at the bottom of shaft.

5. Clean up the sediment deposit in the water tank and drain the water.

6. Water gushing and drainage in Laotang and unmanned areas.

7. Drainage of explosive gas environment such as petroleum and chemical industry.

8. Drainage for rescue and relief.

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The explosion-proof submersible pump consists of four important parts:


From the inside, the stator is a very important part. Because it is fixed, it is called the stator. The stator is composed of the shell, stator core and stator winding. Three phase alternating current is transmitted to the stator winding through the cable, and the rotating magnetic field is generated in the stator core. The shell is made of casting process, steel rolling, welding or seamless steel pipe. The shell is often set with reinforcement The stop of the rib and the casing shall be strictly concentric with the inner circle of the core, and the stator core shall be the guide magnet of the motor.


It is also the key to start the motor in the explosion-proof submersible pump. The interaction between the current of the rotor and the rotating magnetic field of the stator produces electromagnetic torque, which makes the motor rotate. The rotor is composed of rotor core, balance washer, rotating shaft and other components. The rotor core is the guide magnet of the motor. It is laminated after stamping by silicon steel sheet and pressed on the rotating shaft. The key of the core in the axial and circumferential directions is the same with the key on the shaft to prevent relative movement.

air gap

There is a small and even air gap between stator and rotor in the radial direction. Air gap has a great influence on the performance of the motor. Using a smaller air gap can stimulate the current to improve the power factor. However, considering the level of manufacturing process, the air gap is generally 0.6mm, depending on the power, the high-power explosion-proof water pump can reach 1.8mm, depending on the situation.


The bearing of the explosion-proof submersible pump will bear the weight of the rotor, the additional radial force and axial force during the operation of the pump. After the bearing is damaged, the seal and impeller ring of the submersible pump will soon fail. Because of the power, the design concept of the bearing is quite different, but the principle is to bear the radial force and axial force through the roller bearing.

Thank you for your support and reading! This paper is a detailed analysis of the structure of the explosion-proof water pump. There are four important components of the explosion-proof submersible pump:

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