225hp Submersible Sewage Pump

Type : sewage pumps Capacity : 225 HP Flow : 25000 LPM Head : 25 m

Product Details

225hp high pressure submersible sewage pump for seawater

500-11-30 (1)

Pump Type : Sewage Pumps 

Performance parameters:

Capacity : 225 HP

Flow : 25000 LPM

Head : 25 m


1. Discharge of water seriously polluted by factories and businesses; 

2. Sewage drainage of residential areas, hospitals and hotels; 

3. Water supply and drainage of waterworks;

4. Water supply and drainage system of urban sewage treatment plant;

5. Civil air defense system drainage: municipal engineering, construction site;

6. Farmland irrigation; 

7. Auxiliary machines for exploration and mining.



The product shall comply with Q / TBJW2-2003 《sewage submersible pump》.


1. If this pump is used for pumping thick and sticky slurry, it is necessary to clean the pump cavity to prevent sediment in the pump.

2. Do not lift the cable or hang the water pump.

3. The pump shall not be operated under the condition of low head for a long time to prevent the motor from burning due to overload. 

4. When the customer is equipped with automatic coupling device, the length of guide rail shall be determined (standard length is 3M).

5. Fill or change the oil (10-30#oil) in the oil chamber every 300-500 hours in the normal state to improve the service life of the mechanical seal. After 3000 hours of normal operation, the pump shall be disassembled for inspection and maintenance, and the vulnerable parts that are not suitable for reuse shall be replaced if necessary.

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