22kw Centrifugal Sump Pumps

22kw Centrifugal Sump Pumps

Bearing - SKF of NTN bearing which with a reasonable configuration, it can extend the duration of the pump. Motor - Using F class insulation, Max. working temperatures can up to 155 ℃, Protective grade is IP68 with the effective seal.

Product Details

22kw centrifugal sump pumps for waste water



Cooling - The buit-in cooling system can make pump normally work whether the motor is on or under the liquid surface.

 Impeller - With the optimized design, the impeller wil not be blocked up when to transport liquid with its optimum flow and rate and the maximum efficiency.



More centrifugal sump pumps for waste water to select


Sewage  &  Clean Water


MWQ Submersible Sewage Pump


Up to 5760m3/hr( 1600 L/s )


Up to 62 m ( 203 feet )


Up to 2880 rpm

·Outlet Dia:

50mm to 2600mm (2"up to 23")

Structure drawing 



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