300m3 Submersible Pump

300m3 Submersible Pump

MWQ Series Submersible sewage water pump philippines price list is mainly used for municipal works, industrial buildings,hotels,hospitals,civil air defense,mines etc.

Product Details

MWQ series submersible water discharge pumps are used as single or double flow channel impeller and wide pump body, allow solids passing through easily and fiber uneasily wound, made it most suitable to discharge sewage and dirt. And  it's distinctive design of double channel and large passage impeller effects high efficiency.



 1.Adopt large-channel anti-jamming impeller structure,improve filth through ability,can be effective to pass 5 times    of fibre through the caliber,diameter of pump require about 50% diameter of solid medium

2. Reasonable design,Reasonable necessart motor,high efficiency,effective energe-saving.

3.Mechanical seal adopts the new-type hard quality and is able to bear the rotten carbonization tungsten material,feat  uring a durable and wearable,can make pump run more than 8000 hours in succession safely.

4.Whole structure compactness,small,the little volume,move conveniently install easily,It does not need to build           pump house,slipping into water can work,reduce the fabrication cost.

5.Can collocate the switch board of full-automatic safe protection based on the needs of user,protect the pump when    leak water,leak electricity,overload and ultra warm definitely,improve security and dependability of the products.


Modo Pump has been focused on 300m3 submersible pump manufacturing and selling for many years, which is known as a professional manufacturer and supplier of various quality pumps in China. We have gathered many professional and experienced staff, as well as advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy our 300m3 submersible pump and check the price list with us.
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