Electric Submersible Water Pump

Electric Submersible Water Pump

The Modo WQ Series Submersible Sewage Pumps are electro submersible centrifugal pumps designed for pumping waste water, effluent and solids laden water in municipal, industrial, mining and civil construction applications.

Product Details

Efficient Drive System: The direct-coupled, waterproof motor and impeller eliminate long shafts and complex drive systems. This greatly simplifies the entire drive train, increasing reliability, and allowing ready access for maintenance.

Unlimited Angle of Installation: our submersible pump can be placed at any angle for simple pump station design to reduce civil works costs.


submersible pumps use standard commercially available seals which are less costly than other manufacturers’ proprietary spare parts.


Transfer of abrasives large particles and high density slurries from sumps and pits in:
Civil Construction
Coal Preparation
Mineral Processing
Chemical Processing

Modo Pump has been focused on electric submersible water pump manufacturing and selling for many years, which is known as a professional manufacturer and supplier of various quality pumps in China. We have gathered many professional and experienced staff, as well as advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy our electric submersible water pump and check the price list with us.
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