submersible Mud Pump

submersible Mud Pump

Applications: Seriously contaminated waste water Sewage draining for residential house Draining station for flood preventing system Drainage system for waster water treating plant Water supply unit in waterworks Sewage draining for hospital and hotel Construction site Village miasma Advantages:...

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Submersibel mud pump

Submersible mud pump: it is a kind of pump which is connected with the motor and works under the liquid at the same time. Compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical mud pump, the submersible mud pump has the following advantages: 1. Compact structure and small floor area. Because the submersible sewage mud pump works underwater, it can be directly installed in the sewage pool. There is no need to build a special pump house to install submersible mud pumps and machines. It can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

Product Features:

1.Reasonable design, supporting a reasonable motor, high efficiency, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
2.Mechanical seal with double-channel series seal, the material is hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, with durable, wear-resistant and so on, can effectively through the fibrous matter for 5 times of submersible mud pump diameter and diameter of about 50% of the solid particles.
3.Compact overall structure, small volume, easy to move, easy to install, without having to build pump room, working while being submerged into water, and greatly reduce the project cost.
4.The pump seal oil chamber has a high precision anti-interference leakage detection sensor, thermal sensor is embedded in the stator winding, automatic protection of pump motor.

Applications area:

 submersible mud pump is mainly used for municipal works, industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals,
civil air defence, mines etc, Trades to drain off the sewage, waste water, rainwater and living water in cities containing solid grains and various long fabrics.

Operating Limits:

1. submersible depth:5m
2. liquid temperature: up to  <40°C
3. Ambient temperature: up to  <40°C
4.The maximum diameter of the solid grain going through the pump has not to be larger than 50% of that of the pimp outlet.


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