Submersible Pump For Sewage Usage

Submersible Pump For Sewage Usage

Operating data Flow rate 2000,00 m³/h Developed head 9,00 m Pumped medium Water, surface water, River water Ambient temperature 20,0 °C Fluid temperature 20,0 °C Fluid density 998 kg/m³ Fluid viscosity 1,00 mm²/s Design Design Monoblock construction, submersible motor Orientation Vertical...

Product Details

Operating data


Flow rate                       2000,00 m³/h

Developed head                            9,00 m  

Pumped medium                          Water, surface water, River water

Ambient temperature               20,0 °C

Fluid temperature                          20,0 °C

Fluid density                          998 kg/m³

Fluid viscosity                        1,00 mm²/s





Design                                                                                Monoblock construction, submersible motor

Orientation                                                                    Vertical

Suction flange pump according to(DN1)                    unmachined

Discharge flange pump according to(DN2)                        DN 400 / PN 10 / Drilled according to EN 1092-2

Shaft seal                                                                      2 mech. seals in tandem arrangement with oil reservoir

Type                                                                                    MG

Material code                                                               SIC/SIC/NBR
Impeller type                                                                Multivane radial flow impeller (K)

Wear ring                                                             Casing wear ring

Impeller diameter                                                                 461,0 mm

Free passage size                                                  130,0 mm

Direction of rotation from drive                                 Clockwise

Temperature sensor PT100 inboard                            with


Driver, accessories


Driver type                                                                      Electric motor

Model (make)                                                                 ____________________________________

Motor const. type                                                                    Submersible motor

Operating mode                                                           S1, work in the not immersed state

Designed for operation on a frequency converter         Yes

Frequency                                                                               50 Hz

Operating voltage                                                    400 V

Rated power P2                                                                     75,00 kW

Available reserve                                                               24,98 %

Rated current                                                                 155,0 A

Ratio of starting and rated current IA / IN                      4,7

Insulation class                                                                      H according IEC 34-1

Motor enclosure                                                                     IP68

Cos phi at 4/4 load                                                  0,78

Motor efficiency at 4/4 load                                        89,0 %

Temperature sensor                                                         Thermistor with positive temperature coefficient

Motor winding                                                                400 / 690 V

Number of poles                                                                     8

Starting mode                                                                Direct/Star-delta possible

Connection mode                                                                   Delta

Motor cooling method                                                       Surface cooling

Engine Cooling Enclosure                                                  С

Motor version                                                                 U

Cable design                                                                  Rubber hose

Cable entry                                                                      Longitudinal waterproof filling

Power cable                                                                   S1BN8-F 4G25

Number of power cables                                                  2

Control cable                                                                  S1BN8-F 10G1.5

Number of control cables                                                 1

Moisture sensor                                                                      with °C
Cable length                                                                   10,00 m

Materials G



general criteria for a water analysis:                pH-value >= 7; chloride content (Cl) <=250 mg/kg. chlorine (Cl2) <=0.6 mg/kg. Pump casing (101)                                                 Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Pressure plug (163)                               Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Shaft (210)                                                    Chrome steel 1.4021+QT800

Impeller (230)                                              Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Bearing bracket (330)                                     Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250
O-Ring (412)                                                 Nitrile rubber NBR

Casing wear ring (502.1)                       Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Shaft protecting sleeve (524)                    Chrome steel 1.4021+QT800

Motor housing (811)                               Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Motor cable (824)                                                 Chloroprene rubber

Hexagon socket head cap screw (900)       CrNiMo steel A4


Installation parts


Scope of supply                                                   Pump with installation parts

Installation type                                                      Stationary with guide wire

Installation depth                                           4,50 m

Material concept                                                    G

Duckfoot bend         

Size                                                             DN 400

Flange design                                                EN

Duckfoot bend size (DN2 / DN3)                         DN 400  Drilled according to EN

Material                                                                Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

Mounting type                                                Composite anchor bolts

Foundation rail                                               Without



Design                                                                   Straight

Size                                                              DN 400


Lifting chain / -rope                                   Without


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