Submersible Pump With Cutter

Submersible Pump With Cutter

submersible pump with cutter 1.Feature of submersible pump with cutter: The submersible pump with cutter is the latest sewage equipment developed and produced by our factory, which absorbs the advanced technology and process of West Germany. It has a strong sewage passing capacity and good...

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submersible pump with cutter

1.Feature of submersible pump with cutter:

The submersible pump with cutter is the latest sewage equipment developed and produced by our factory, which absorbs the advanced technology and process of West Germany. It has a strong sewage passing capacity and good cutting performance. It can cut up the long fiber, plastic, paper, tape, cloth, straw, rope and other impurities in the sewage and then discharge them.

The submersible pump with cutter adopts the most advanced method and is designed with the most reasonable hydraulic characteristics, so that the electric pump can operate at full head. The best combination of dry motor and water pump makes the total efficiency of the electric pump reach the same as that of as with cutting device series products of ABS company in West Germany. The electric pump adopts the dynamic sealing combination of high-quality cemented carbide, double face mechanical seal and framework oil seal For the normal operation of the electric pump and the safety of the staff, the user shall provide the leakage protector of the motor, which shall work for a long time. The motor of the pump is allowed to be exposed to the liquid level, which shall not exceed 1 / 2 of the height of the motor, and the temperature of the dirt pumped shall not exceed 40 ℃


2.Applicable scope of submersible pump with cutter

The submersible sewage pump with cutter is mainly used for engineering sewage and domestic sewage.

Such as:

(1) Sewage treatment and circulating water transmission in small and medium-sized enterprises.

(2) The dregs and slurry of factories and mines such as food, papermaking, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metals, leather making, textile, pharmaceutical and cement plants are pumped.

(3) It is used in construction site, engineering foundation construction, municipal facilities and water plant.

(4) All kinds of high-rise building basement, civil air defense pit, subway and other underground sewage discharge.

(5) Chicken farm, pig farm, all kinds of breeding industry, fish pond for pumping clear pond, oxygen, septic tank and other occasions of human and animal manure pumping and other functions.

Note: the main performance and data of the submersible sewage pump with cutter are the same as wqk / QG except for the cutting device.

Service conditions of submersible sewage pump with cutter:

1. The medium temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃.

2. The average weight of medium shall not exceed 500kg / m3.

3. The pH value of the pumped liquid is 5-9.

4. During long-term operation, the exposed part of the motor is not more than L / 2 of the height


Cutter photo:

:submersible pump with  cuttersubmersible pump with cutter

More details of our submersible pump with cutter:

Strong body:

submersible pump


submersiblepump3submersible pump with cutter (2)


3.Precautions for use of submersible pump with cutter:

(1) Before using the submersible pump with cutter, first check whether the cable is damaged. When handling and installing the pump, cut the iron to pull or damage the cable to avoid the accident caused by water leakage after the cable is broken. If the cable is hard cracked, replace the cable immediately. Check whether the insulation resistance of the submersible pump with cutter is normal with a megger (the insulation resistance shall not be less than 1 megohm)

(2) Recognize the ground wire (the ground wire is generally yellow, green or with grounding mark), and properly connect the ground wire according to the specified procedures. (the grounding wire of our factory is equipped with grounding mark).

(3) Select appropriate protectors (such as leakage protector, air switch, open phase overcurrent protector, etc.) do not connect directly with knife switch.

(4) Connect the power line according to the standard, test connect the power supply, check whether the electric pump operates normally, and judge whether the steering is correct. If the steering is not correct, replace any two of the three power lines (note that the operation time shall not exceed half a minute).

(5) Install the water outlet connector and the water outlet rubber pipe (or iron pipe), tie the rope on the submersible pump with cutter handle (never use the cable to replace the function of the sling), put the electric pump into the pumped volume, connect the power supply, and then it can be used.

(6) In order to ensure personal safety, it is strictly prohibited to install the submersible pump with cutter operation (such as moving, checking, troubleshooting, etc.) near the electric pump to contact the electric pump in case of any accident caused by the electric pump leakage during the electric pump power connection work!

(7) It is strictly forbidden to operate the submersible pump with cutter for a long time (or for a short time) when it is exposed to the water. The "start" and "stop" of the electric pump should not be too frequent to prevent the motor from overheating and damage

(8) The long-term pumping of high sand content liquid has great wear on the flow passage parts of wqk sewage pump with cutting device, so it is recommended to use the submersible pump with cutter of our factory.

(9) If it is found that the submersible pump with cutter with cutting device does not operate, the protector trips, the fuse burns and other abnormal phenomena, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, and the wiring of the power protector shall be checked to see if there is any problem

If these external devices are all normal, i.e. the submersible pump with cutter may be faulty, at this time, it should not be used to avoid accidents!


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