Vertical Submersible Sewage Pump

Vertical Submersible Sewage Pump

Vertical submersible sewage pump

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Vertical submersible sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump is in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, design, manufacture and maintenance, supply and discharge industrial and commercial sewage, domestic sewage, urban sewage treatment plant drainage system, civil air defense system drainage station, water supply of water plant. This series of sewage pump is developed by absorbing and transforming the advanced technology of ABS pump company of Germany. All performance indexes reach the level of national standard and similar products.

Vertical submersible sewage pump is easy to use, widely used, not limited by the use conditions and scope, especially suitable for frequent mobile or temporary emergency situations. Vertical submersible sewage pumpdoes not need fixed installation, as long as the rubber pipe or connect the pipe, the bottom of the drain pump can be leveled, but it must be equipped with a safety control box to ensure safety. 

The utility model has the advantages of remarkable energy-saving effect, anti winding, no blocking, etc., and is an economic and practical impurity pump, which has a unique effect in the discharge and delivery of impurity liquids such as solid particles and long fiber garbage.  


   Vertical submersible sewage pump    

Vertical submersible sewage pump features:           

  1. The special cable sealing design eliminates the hidden danger of cable water leakage.           

  2. The stator adopts class F insulation and is equipped with thermal protection elements.           

  3. The pump above 18.5kw adopts external circulating water automatic cooling to ensure the safe operation of the electric pump at the lowest water level.           

  4. An oil-water probe is installed at the upper end of the oil chamber of the pump and motor to monitor the mechanical seal at the pump side. Once the water leaks, the control system will give an alarm for protection.   

    Vertical submersible sewage pump1

  5. Corrugated double face mechanical seal, the sealing materials are tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and hard alloy, to prevent water from entering the motor, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor.   

  6. The auxiliary impeller is used to balance the external pressure of the mechanical seal and prevent water from entering the oil chamber, thus prolonging the service life of the electric pump.            8. Impeller design is unique, large flow passage can pass through long fiber and dirt, anti blocking, anti winding, strong flow capacity.    

  7. A replaceable wear-resistant sleeve is arranged between the impeller and the lower end of the volute to keep the pump running with the best efficiency.  

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