Heavy Suty Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Heavy Suty Centrifugal Slurry Pump

14 inch heavy suty centrifugal slurry pump are widely used in the mining, coal washing, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical, building material, dredging, and other industrial departments, etc.

Product Details

14 inch heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump

16-14TU-AH 9

1. Discharge diameters 1” to 18” (25mm to 450mm)
2. Heads through 240ft (73m)
3. Flow rates through 22,000gpm (5,000m3/h)
4. Casing pressure tolerance to 300psig (2,020kPa)


1. Cylindrical structure of bearing assembly: convenient to adjust the space between impeller and front liner and can be removed completely;
2. Interchangeable anti-abrasive wet parts made of high-chrome alloys;
3. The discharge branch can be oriented to any eight positions at the interval of 45 degrees;
4. Various drive types: DC(direct connection), V-belt drive, gear box reducer, hydraulic couplings, VFD, SCR control, etc;
5. The shaft seal uses the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal;


horizontal slurry pump

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