Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Centrifugal Slurry Pump

centrifugal slurry pump Here are some photos of centrifugal slurry pump 4/3C Performance of centrifugal slurry pump: We summarize some common failure and solutions to the slurry pump as follows: A. No water absorption of centrifugal slurry pump (no sizing) There is air in the centrifugal slurry...

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centrifugal slurry pump

Here are some photos of centrifugal slurry pump 4/3C 

4X3C (1)4X3C (2)

centrifugal slurry pump

Performance curve of centrifugal slurry pump as below:


In the process of daily use, there are often some problems, resulting in the pump can not operate. We summarize some common failure and solutions to the slurry pump for you reference as follows:


A. No water absorption of centrifugal slurry pump (no sizing)

There is air in the centrifugal slurry pump body or air in the water inlet pipe, or the bottom valve is not closed tightly, the filling of the vacuum pump is seriously leaking, and the gate valve or flap valve is not closed tightly. Troubleshooting: first, put the water pressure up, and then fill the centrifugal slurry pump body with water, and then start the machine. At the same time, check whether the check valve is tight and whether the pipeline and joint have air leakage. If air leakage is found, apply lubricating oil or blending paint on the joint after disassembly, and tighten the screws. Check the oil seal ring of the slurry pump shaft. If it is seriously worn, replace it with a new one. Water or air leaks in the pipeline. The nut may not be tightened tightly during installation.


If the leakage is not serious, the place with air or water leakage can be coated with cement, or the cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil can be coated. Temporary repairs can be done with wet mud or soft soap. If there is water leakage at the joint, the nut can be tightened with a wrench. If there is serious water leakage, it is necessary to dismantle it again and replace the cracked pipe; reduce the lift and press the pipe orifice of the centrifugal slurry pump into the water for 0.5m.

Centrifugal Slurry pump heating

Causes: the bearing of centrifugal slurry pump is damaged; the clearance between the rolling bearing or bracket cover of the centrifugal  slurry pump is too small; the slurry pump shaft is bent or the two shafts are not concentric; the tape is too tight; the oil is insufficient or the oil quality is not good; the balance hole on the impeller is blocked, the impeller loses balance, and the thrust to one side is increased. Troubleshooting: replace the bearing; remove the rear cover and add gasket between the bracket and the bearing seat; investigate the concentricity of the slurry pump shaft or adjust the concentricity of the two shafts; properly loosen the tightness of the tape; add clean butter, which accounts for about 60% of the clearance in the bearing; remove the blockage in the balance hole.

C.Matching power motor overheated

The first reason is the power supply: the voltage of cnetrifugal slurry pump is too high or too low. Under the specific load, if the voltage variation range is more than + 10% to - 5% of the rated value, the motor will overheat; if the three-phase voltage of power supply of slurry pump is asymmetric, the imbalance degree between the three-phase voltage of power supply is more than 5%, the winding will overheat; if the phase loss operation, experience shows that more than 85% of the agricultural motor is burnt In case of phase loss operation, the motor shall be equipped with phase loss protection device.


The second reason is the reason of centrifugal slurry pump: the power is not matched, the horse pulls the cart, the motor of centrifugal  slurry pump is overloaded for a long time, which causes the motor temperature to be too high; the motor is started too frequently and rated as short-time or intermittent working system of slurry pump, which works continuously. The starting times shall be limited, the thermal protection shall be selected correctly and used according to the rated value on the motor.


Short bearing life of slurry pump

The main reasons are as follows: ① the motor shaft and the centrifugal  slurry pump shaft are asymmetric or not parallel. The motor shaft or slurry pump shaft shall be adjusted. If the shaft is deformed or bent, replace the shaft directly. ② Improper bearing assembly. Reassemble the bearing and shaft, or replace the bearing. ③ There is friction in the slurry pump or the impeller is out of balance. Remove the friction or replace the impeller with a new one. ④ Poor lubrication. If there are too few impurities, the bearing life of slurry pump will be short. Take out and clean the bearing before use.

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