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gravel sand pump for river dredging Structure introduction for gravel sand pump F-G gravel sand pump is a horizontal, single pump shell centrifugal pump. Special clamps are used to clamp the pump body and pump cover. The discharge direction of the pump can be at any position of 360 degrees,...

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Gravel sand pump for river dredging


Gravel sand pump structural features

The high-capacity bearing design is selected for the cylindrical structure bearing components. The bearing adopts grease lubrication and oil lubrication to adapt to different working conditions. The clearance between impeller and guard plate can be adjusted to ensure high efficiency operation of the pump. The shaft seal adopts packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal and containerized mechanical seal, which should meet the requirements of different working conditions. Pump and drive machine can choose direct drive, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, reducer drive. The outlet direction of the pump can be rotated at any position of 360 degrees to adapt to different site installation conditions. It has the advantages of high long life rate, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, low operation cost and high reliability.

Main purpose of F-G gravel sand pump

●steel slag washing

●coal washing

●river dredging

especially for working conditions of large particles and high head.

Operating parameters optimization and precautions

(1) It is necessary to ensure the pumping speed during sand pumping. If the speed is too slow, the sand in the sand setting pipe is easy to deposit and block the bottom ball valve. According to the field experience, the suction speed of the φ 70mm sand pump is not less than 20m / min; the suction speed of the φ 83mm sand pump is not less than 15m / min; for every ten times of pumping, the sand vibrator should be 1m away from the sand surface to prevent sand jamming.
(2) During the sand pumping construction, each post should cooperate closely, quickly connect and replace the single pipe, and the intermission time should not exceed 2 minutes. If the deposition time is too long, the bottom ball valve will be blocked and the sand pump will be invalid.
(3) The sand pump should be carefully checked before use, cleaned and maintained in time after use and stored in the warehouse in time for further inspection and maintenance.

 For example: 12-10F-G paremeter range:

Capacity (m3/h)


Inlet size (mm)

Outlet size  (mm)

max. Eff (%)


Max. partical size(mm)

 Speed (r/m)









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