415V Slurry Pump Mechanical Seal

Typical Applications Chemical Process Heavy Minerals Mill Discharge

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415V Factory Price Slurry Pump With Motor Mechanical Seal


The wear-resistant rubber lined slurry pump with motor and mechanical seal is suitable for the treatment of abrasive slurry or corrosive fluid containing solid materials, which exceeds metal and other types of pumps. 



Product Highlights: 

★The wear-resistant flow passage parts made by molding make the internal fluid more stable and fast, reduce the internal fluid disorder, and improve the efficiency of slurry pump. 

★The wear resistance index of wear-resistant overflow parts can reach very high, which is super wear-resistant, making the slurry pump use for a longer time.

★The advantage of the slurry pump with rubber lining is that the impact, friction and corrosion of ore particles on the inner wall of the slurry pump are solved by rubber, which protects the slurry pump. The good rubber can protect the slurry pump to a greater extent, making its service life longer, so as to save the equipment cost.



 •Typical Applications

 • Chemical Process

 •  Heavy Minerals

  Paper and Pulp 

  Mill Discharge


When making an inquiry, it should be noted that the temperature of ore pulp conveying should not be lower than - 40 ° or higher than 70 °. If working in places with oil and chemicals, it should be explained in advance.

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