Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump

Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump

Centrifugal slurry pump are widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, deading, building material and other industrial lines to pump concentrate, tailings, sludge and other abrasive, high density slurries.

Product Details

Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump

The AH type Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump is a single-stage single suction, cantilever and horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. This type of pump is suitable for conveying slag slurry with strong abrasion, high concentration or low concentration and high head due to its thick wearing parts and heavy bracket. Within the maximum allowable working pressure range of the pump, it can be used in series. The pump can also be used to transport the slag slurry with certain corrosiveness.  


The AH Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump has replaceable wear-resistant metal lining or rubber lining, and the impeller is made of wear-resistant metal or rubber material. The shaft seal can adopt packing seal or centrifugal seal. The discharge outlet position of the pump can be installed and used by rotating eight different angles at 45 intervals as required.


Performance Data


Slurry, Sand & Sewage


MAH Horizontal Centrifugal   Slurry Pump


86 to 198 m3/hr


9 to 52 m


1000to 2200rpm

·Outlet Size:



Max.: 110 ℃



·Bearing Assembly


·Throat Bush


·Pump Casing

Cast   iron



Slurry Pump (3)

The information about Mining Horizontal Dredge Slurry Pump performance curve

Generally, the curve that represents the relationship between the main performance parameters is called the performance curve or characteristic curve of centrifugal pump.

In essence, the performance curve of centrifugal pump is the external expression of the movement law of liquid in the pump, which is obtained through actual measurement. The characteristic curve includes: flow head curve (Q-H), flow efficiency curve (q-η), flow power curve (q-n), flow NPSH curve (Q - (NPSH) r). The function of performance curve is to find out a group of relative lift, power, efficiency and NPSH values at any flow point of the pump on the curve. This group of parameters is called working state, which is called working state for short Condition or working point, the working condition of high efficiency point of centrifugal pump is called better working condition point, and the better working condition point is generally the design working condition point.

Generally, the rated parameters of the centrifugal pump, i.e. the design working point and the better working point coincide or are very close. It is very important to know the performance parameters of the pump.

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