Horizontal Gold Ash Mining Slurry Pump

Horizontal Gold Ash Mining Slurry Pump

Heavy Duty Mining Horizontal Single Stage Slurry Pump Introduction: MAH series slurry pump is designed for the continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requi rements. It will maintain high efficiency over the wear life of its components. This series is...

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MAH series slurry pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, dredging, dewatering, water treatment, coal washing, mill, cyclone feed, tailing, power, building material...etc. various industrial sites.

The AH type slurry pumps have pump bodies that consist of replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or wear-resistant rubber liners, and impellers can also apply wear-resistant metal material or wear-resistant rubber material. The HH type slurry pumps only apply wear-resistant metal material as their pump bodies and impellers. 



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  1. Liquid___

  2. Capacity___m3/h

  3. Head__m

  4. S.G

  5. Votlage&frequency

  6. PH value

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