Corrosion Resistant Slurry Pump

Shaft Seal--There are three standard shaft seal methods: Packing seal, Expeller seal, Mechanical seal.

Product Details

Metal Lined Electric Corrosion Resistant Slurry Pump


The Corrosion Resistant Slurry Pump mainly transports slurry containing solid particles and corrosive slurry. 

Requirements for slurry weight and concentration: 45% for mortar, 60% for mineral slurry, medium temperature ≤ 80 ℃;

Performance parameters of slurry pump: flow range: 4-2500m3 / h, head range: 9-130m.


Flow Control of Slurry Pump with Metal Lining

  1. During the operation of slurry pump, pay attention to the temperature and leakage of the gland. Normal packing leakage shall not exceed 10-20 drops per minute. 

  2. During the operation of the pump, if the air sucked in by the ah slurry pump can be solid, it will make abnormal noise and vibrate accordingly. 

  3. During the operation of pump, if the check valve of standby machine leaks and the switch valve is always open, pay attention to reverse the standby machine due to reverse flow.

  4. When the pump regulates the flow in normal operation, it can not reduce the flow by reducing the opening of the suction pipe valve, otherwise it will cause the pump entrance flow to be insufficient and make the pump cavitation.

  5. During the operation of the pump, pay attention to the temperature and quantity of water for the bearing requiring cooling water, and try to keep the bearing temperature within the specified range

MAH slurry pump metal spare parts

Transmission Mode

CR / CRZ drive, pump and motor are at the same level.

ZVZ drive, motor and pump have common base. 

CV drive, motor and pump do not have common base. 

The water outlet of the pump can be installed and used by rotating eight different angles according to 45 degree intervals as required.     

slurry pump drive type

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