gravel Pump

gravel Pump

ISA Series pump is single stage single suction centrifugal pump. The pump is mainly composed by pump cover, impeller, shaft and other spare parts. Shaft is supported by two deep groove ball bearings. Bearings with machine oil or grease lubrication. Gland packing or mechanical seal is used for sealing medium. Motor is directly connected by the flexible coupling

Product Details

Gravel pump


gravel pump can pumping sand and gravel equipped on dredger ship or boat. Our marine sand pump is  passed  through  the  trial  test   and industrial operation test, it has the characteristics of energy saving, high hydraulic efficiency, good wear resistance  and reliable operation in the delivery of solid particles. The ship sand pump is suitable for inland river dredging,  coastal embankment , coal mines, power plants and other enterprises to transport solid particles containing  slurry,  medium  . The dredger sand pump is also used to pump sand or slurry in the river, lake, sea and reservoir, land reclamation, pumping iron ore, gold sand.


Application areas of gravel pump:
 1.rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, pumping sand.
 2.rivers, lakes, reservoirs, pumping port dredging silt.
 3.pumping sand beneficiation: Select iron sand pumping, pumping sand gold, rare earths, such as pumping sand election.
 4.sewage treatment plant settling ponds cleanup.
 5.municipal pipelines, storm water pumping station, hydroelectric sediment cleanup. (sinking bridge construction, etc.) discharge of sediment, mud.
 7.steel plant blast furnace slag, slag, pumping iron oxide delivery.
 8.concentrator tailings, slag, slurry transportation.
 9.coal cinder, coal, coal slurry cleanup.
 10.power plant fly ash, coal, coal slurry transportation. learn all kinds of diamond sand, quartz sand, slag solid particles.
 12.a tile factory smoke powder.
 13.coastal land reclamation.
 14.slurry transport materials containing various impurities. of other media containing large solid particles.


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