Sludge Pump Used In Iron Mine

sludge pump used in iron mine Overview sludge pump transports various concentrations of iron ore slurry in the whole process, so it is required that the slurry pump has the performance of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, not easy to block, easy to repair and replace shaft seal parts. Main...

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sludge pump used in iron mine


Main performance of ZJ series iron mine sludge pump

① Wear resistant. Normal production, 3 months impeller change (manganese steel)
② Good maintenance, standardized spare parts, easy to be removed and replaced;
③ The head and flow suitable for the whole process environment are suitable;
④ During commissioning, voltage, current, vibration, motor temperature rise, lubricating oil temperature rise, safety facilities, mechanical performance, working environment and other items are all qualified.

Technical parameters of ZJ series sludge pump uesd in iron mine are as follows for example:


Pump Specifications

Material specifications


Capacity: 800m³/h

Head: 64m

Suction size:250mm

Discharge size:200mm




Pump casing & cover: HT200

Throat bush:A05

Frame plate liner insert:A05



Shaft sleeve: A05

Suction pipe:HT250

Discharge pipe: HT250


Driven Method of ZJ series slurry pump


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