A05 Construction Material Sea Dredgeing Machine

A05 Construction Material Sea Dredgeing Machine

​The SS submersible slurry pump features a rugged construction using the highest quality materials to ensure reliable performance and excellent service life.The high quality eletric motors incorporate multiple protection features to defect the ingress of water or excessive temperatures to shut off the pump and prevent demage.

Product Details

Submersible Mud Pump :

1, MSS series submersible mud pumps have self mixing agitating fuction.Besides the main impeller, there is the agitation impeller which can agitate the sludge deposited on the water bottom into turbulent flow and pump the sand out.

2 .Higher efficiency and wear resistance .Impeller is closed type impeller, higher efficiency than open impeller.

All wear parts are made of high wear abrasive chrome alloy.

3. Low rotation speed ,980rpm, better wear resistance and long service life.

4.The motor is anti over-loaded motor with water-proof function.

5.No limited by suction lift. sand suction efficiency is high, dredging is more thorough.

6. If the sand is compacted, high pressure gun or excavator can be added to agitate and increase themedium concentration.

Pump features

1. Material: Adopt Cr27 material to achieve a good seal effect, environmental protection.

2. Features: Low noise, no pollution, smooth operation

3. Motor: Adopt national famous brand  motor

4. Painting: Anti-corrosion painting


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