Hydraulic12 Inch16 Inch Submersible Pump

hydraulic slurry pump matchable with 120,150,220,240,300 small, medium and big excavators,also good at working in the place where excavator couldn`t dig efficiently. Deliver the sand, slurry to far distance.

Product Details

Hydraulic12 Inch16 Inch Submersible Pump

Hydraulic12 Inch16 Inch Submersible Pump, heavy-duty submersible sludge pump is suitable for 120, 150, 220, 240, 300, 330, 360 and other small, medium and large series excavators.

When the sludge and sediment are relatively thin, it is not convenient to grab and dig, the hopper is unloaded and connected to the hydraulic submersible sludge pump for efficient and high concentration extraction, and the hydraulic sludge pump is used to realize long-distance transportation, The work efficiency has been greatly improved. It can also be equipped with hydraulic station and agitator for work.


Performance Data

·Usage:                                          Slurry,   Water & Sewage
·Type:MSS   Submersible Slurry Pump
·CapacityUp   to 2400 m3/hr (666L/S)
·HeadUp   to 60 m ( 196 feet )
·Speed:Up   to 1480 rpm
·Discharge:80-400mm   (3.15’’ up to 16’’)
·TemperatureMax.:   80
·DriveHydraulic   or Electric
·Agitator27%   Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1


Pump features:           

1. The bottom of the hydraulic submersible pump is equipped with a mixing device. At the same time, it can be equipped with two sides and variable separate agitators, which can prevent large fixed substances from blocking the pump, so that the solid and liquid can be fully mixed, so that it is more convenient to handle.           

2. The hydraulic submersible pump can deal with solid substances with a maximum particle size of 150 mm, and the solid-liquid extraction concentration can reach more than 70%.           

3. The device is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the excavator hydraulic station to realize the free transition, and the power source is diesel engine, which can solve the problem of inconvenient power during construction in remote areas.           

4. Flow passage parts: that is to say, the pump casing, impeller, guard plate and mixing impeller are all made of high chromium alloy. Other materials can be customized.           

5. Adopt unique sealing device to avoid frequent replacement of machine seal and improve working efficiency.


Submersible slurry pump

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