Hydraulic Sand Pump For Amphibious Excavator

Hydraulic Sand Pump For Amphibious Excavator

‚ÄčThe SS submersible slurry pump features a rugged construction using the highest quality materials to ensure reliable performance and excellent service life.The high quality eletric motors incorporate multiple protection features to defect the ingress of water or excessive temperatures to shut off the pump and prevent demage.

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MSS series of slurry pumps are hydraulic devices composed of coaxial motors and pumps that are submerged in the fluid to work.These pumps are characterized by unique structure wide passage, high capacity of removing sewage, and high quality materials, offering excellent corrosion resistance.They are suitable for transferring the liquid containing solid particles, like sand, coal slag, and tailings, and removing slurries in metallurgical plants,mines, steel mills, or power plants, as an ideal alternative to traditional pumps for taking away slurries.

These pumps are developed by the company by absorbing internationally advanced technologies, and using wear-resistant materials, which greatly improve the service life and reduce the maintenance workload. The pump includes a set of agitating impellers at the bottom, aside from the main impeller, which create turbulence for precipitated slurries, and thus enable transport of high-density fluids without the help of any auxiliary device. The pump also involves a unique sealing device, which can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, thus keeping balance between the pressure at both ends of the mechanical sealing, ensuring the reliability of the mechanical sealing as much as possible, and consequently greatly extending its service life. On request,the pump comes with many protective measures, such as overheating protection and water detecting, allowing for normal operation over long periods in harsh working conditions. Meanwhile, other protective measures,such as anti-condensation creams for motors and bearing temperature measurement devices are available on request to enable normal operation in special situations.

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